Thursday, February 10, 2022

India's first 100% Project-Based Learning School Tapas Making Learning Meaningful, Enjoyable And Relevant

Providing first-of-its-kind project-based learning, tailored to suit the needs and skill sets of learners, Tapas? India's first  100% project-based learning school is making learning meaningful, enjoyable and relevant for students. The students here are presented with real world problems and challenges, and are given a chance to solve them on their own to make studying more fun and contextual as well. This method also helps them to prepare for the future challenges. At the heart of this project-based learning approach is the Cambridge Syllabus imparting STEAM education. The syllabus is customised by the educationists at Tapas to make it more interconnected and holistic.

"We intend to provide students an active form of learning where they can learn by doing activities which are enjoyable and engaging. We have kept the learning format dynamic so that students can acquire real-world knowledge through active exploration. The activity-based learning helps students to learn from  the little things around them. These simple little experiences and the interactions between students, facilitators and industry experts help to shape their personalities for the future. This will help them become global and digital citizens of tomorrow," said Preethi Vickram – Founder – Tapas

The unique way of learning at Tapas helps students to move away from the traditional  'textbook rote learning' and 'sage on a stage' methods of teaching and learning. It also introduces students  to masterclasses on various topics throughout the academic year. These not only help students to understand difficult concepts but also help to pick up a lot of real-world skill sets 

Moreover, putting the focus back on value-based learning, Tapas is also making efforts to encourage students to become contributing citizens and not just consumers. Learning about and practicing sustainability is at the core of the value-based learning here. The school believes it will help them to develop skills and habits that are most important for success in life. Value-based learning coupled with inspiration from Indic wisdom offers students an understanding of life and the greater concepts at play. It provides answers on how to live a healthy life, how to be happy, and how to deal with difficult situations in life. This enables students to make better decisions in their lives when they are faced with difficult choices.

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