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Yezdi Motorcycles Return With Three All-New Models Across India

* To be sold through Classic Legends’ existing dealership network alongside Jawa Motorcycles

The ‘Legendary Yezdi’ is back, and how! The motorcycle brand name that signifies thrill, adventure and free-spiritedness like no other is back to the fore, promising even more for riders across generations, old and new alike. Classic Legends, today, is proud to announce the launch of three all-new Yezdi models.

The all-new Yezdi Adventure, Scrambler and Roadster sport very distinct personalities but come with a common soul. They are an ode to the brand’s true spirit and an embodiment of everything that Yezdi stood for, and more. The new range of Yezdi motorcycles will be available across Classic Legends’ dealership network, which already retails Jawa Motorcycles, in India for viewing, test rides, bookings and deliveries starting today. Customers will also have the option of booking their favourite Yezdi model online at with a booking amount of INR 5,000 only.

Packed with modern technology and retro styling cues, the new generation of Yezdi motorcycles come powered by a liquid-cooled, fuel injected, DOHC single cylinder engine displacing 334cc but tuned differently to suit the persona of the motorcycle it is mounted in (details mentioned later). The Adventure range starts at INR 2,09,900, Scrambler range starts at INR 2,04,900 and Roadster range starts at INR 1,98,142 - all prices ex-showroom, Delhi.

Speaking on the new Yezdi Motorcycles, Anupam Thareja, Co-Founder, Classic Legends said, ““It is not every day that you get to celebrate the comeback of an iconic motorcycle, let alone the likes of a legend like Yezdi. While its spirit lived on through its die-hard community and in the mind and hearts of every rider, the anticipation to see it take over the Indian roads again, has been unbelievable. We have the legacy but now we will create our own lineage. Being a motorcyclist myself, this is a moment of catharsis.  As custodians of the brand, we made sure that we preserve and celebrate Yezdi’s and the Yezdi rider’s essence in these new avatars. I am sure every Yezdi lover, will feel that - designed with passion and indulgent beliefs, then engineered to purpose, to make you fall in love with this motorcycle and motorcycling, again!”

Adding to this, Boman Irani, Co-Founder, Classic Legends said, “The Yezdi brand is all about stories and emotions. That’s what has kept it alive, and this is exactly what we want to build on for the future. The new Yezdi motorcycles are not just motorcycles, but a way of life. They’re a medium for riders to go out there, create more memories and have unparalleled fun while doing so. It is a never ending adventure that has just gone to the next level!”

Speaking on the new models, Ashish Joshi, CEO, Classic Legends, said, “The biggest challenge for us while developing the new Yezdi motorcycle(s) was to keep the spirit intact. We also knew that the motorcycle riders have evolved over the last few decades and followed a very focussed approach. What you see now are three motorcycles ‘purpose-built’ for rider requirements across the spectrum. We have always been about redefining the Modern Classic segment in the country and have gone ahead and did just that.”

To amp up the lifestyle quotient and complement the applications they’re built for, each Yezdi model will also come with its own range of accessories, carefully curated to enhance the visual appeal and functionality for the rider. The accessory range will also be available across dealerships.  

In Detail:

Why three Yezdi models?

Because why not! When bringing such an iconic brand back, we thought, why not go the whole hog and give the lovers of the brand everything Yezdi stood for - The spirit of adventure, the spirit of unapologetic fun & the spirit of thrill! The Yezdi Adventure, Yezdi Scrambler & Yezdi Roadster are manifestation of that quintessential Yezdi spirit.

Yezdi Adventure:

Starting with the Yezdi Adventure, it’s our quintessential touring machine. One look at it is enough to send you in a transformational journey. Authoritative in its personality and Assertive in its performance, the Yezdi Adventure is designed to fulfil every requirement of a long-distance rider. Be it the “serious off-roader” styling, comfortable ergonomics, surefooted handling across all terrain and host of rider aids, this motorcycle is built for you to tick every destination and riding trail on your bucket list!

The high placed mud-guard and the knuckle-guards keep the rider secured from any pebbles that might fly your way, while the chassis mounted front cage, made of heavy duty steel, offers added safety as well as flexibility to carry extra fuel utilizing the accessory fuel jerrycans.

Keeping in mind the long rides it is built for, the Yezdi Adventure comes with a host of mounting points and hooks for carrying luggage. Be it strapping a backpack on the rear seat or mounting the optional hard panniers with their own mounting stays, this motorcycle comes prepared to carry everything you might need on your long ride.

The Adventure is powered by a liquid-cooled, fuel injected, DOHC single cylinder engine displacing 334cc. Here, it produces max power of 30.2PS@8000rpm & max torque of 29.9Nm@6500rpm. Mated to a six-speed constant mesh transmission, the engine is tuned for torquey mid-range for trail riding while developing great top end power for high-speed highway cruising.

The adventure features an all-new chassis, suspended on a unique mono-shock swing arm set-up at the rear and long travel telescopic forks, which gives it an edge over off-road as well as on tarmac, the result is superb handling across various terrains. Despite being a tall motorcycle, the Adventure is surprisingly nimble around corners too.

Braking is taken care of by disc brakes on both ends and dual channel ABS by Continental, with three switchable modes – Road, Rain & Off-road for a more flexible performance.

While retaining its classic identity, the Adventure also is chock-full of interesting, usability features that make the riding experience optimal. The Adventure comes with USB charging capability and Bluetooth connectivity to ensure the user’s smartphone is utilized throughout the ride. With its own mobile app, the system is also capable of displaying turn-by-turn navigation on the integrated TFT/LCD display. The display is also adjustable for better viewing angles while also featuring a trip

navigator, a gear indicator, a side-stand indicator and a clock. The speedo also features a Distance to Empty and an Average Fuel Economy dial for better fuel management.

The Adventure also has its own range of specially curated accessories that can be added on to the machine, to enable the rider to customize it as per their liking. There are options to add knuckle guards, jerry cans with mounting brackets, panniers, top box, fog lamps, crash guards, a headlamp grille – all available as additional accessories.

Yezdi Scrambler:

The Yezdi Scrambler, embodying the spirit of unapologetic fun, is the perfect motorcycle for a modern-day thrill seeker with great performance for daily trips and adaptable enough to make off-roading a breeze. A motorcycle made to satiate your desires for bursts of serious trail riding on the weekends and snaking through traffic on weekdays, the Yezdi Scrambler makes everyday fun. The Scrambler’s styling is dripping of mischief with a typical scrambler flyline - simple seat with a classic round tank, tucked in Headlamp along with an offset speedo pod, Upright / commanding handlebar position, typical scrambler twin exhausts, on/off road tyres along with a front fender beak give a distinct character to the machine.

The scrambler produces 29.1PS@8000rpm of peak power & peak torque of 28.2Nm@6750rpm and a flat torque curve, so that you have a meaty torque spread across the rev range.

The scrambler is tuned for mischief. It comes with telescopic forks at the front & gas charged twin shocks at the rear. With a short wheelbase of 1403mm, the motorcycle is packaged for fun riding & sliding through those scrambling trails. The frame enables quick manoeuvres & confident handling across terrains. The precision handling of the scrambler ensures that it never misses the mark.

Braking too is top of the line with disc brakes on both ends and dual channel ABS by Continental, with three switchable modes – Road, Rain & Off-road for a more flexible performance. The headlamp, taillamps and blinkers are all equipped with LED while the digital speedometer has several features that make it a much more equipped and relevant riding experience.

Yezdi Roadster

The Yezdi Roadster completes this trio adding thrill to your everyday ride. Endowed with sheer road presence and muscular dimensions, the Roadster is a uniquely styled motorcycle with a perfect blend of classic style and modern touches. The motorcycle boasts an elegant silhouette with its visual weight spread across the design giving it a muscular and planted character.

Comfortable split seats embellished with a stark chrome arc highlights the seat line while a compact headlamp and tightly packaged engine area lend solidity to the overall design. Alloy wheels along with fat tyres, flanked by chopped fenders add to the beefy looks. There is a digital speedometer at the head of the motorcycle while the headlamps and the indicators are LED for better illumination of the road ahead.

Sporting a similar engine capacity and transmission, the Roadster delivers peak power of 29.7PS@7300rpm & peak torque of 29Nm@6500rpm. The result is a machine that delivers gushing performance in the city and dominates the highway. 

The roadster features a dual cradle chassis, which is tuned to offer great on road mannerisms & offers great stability on straight line as well as superior cornering abilities. The motorcycle also comes equipped with dual channel ABS by Continental – class leading technology that makes the braking experience an absolute joy with an optimum amount of bite in the disc brakes.

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