Monday, January 10, 2022

Capital Market Veteran Amit Shah Launching A3 Tech - A Fin Tech Startup To Democratize Financial Services

*  A3 Tech will enable independent financial advisors with a complete ecosystem to compete with banks and large wealth management firms. The tech focused solution is the first of its kind in India to help financial advisors grow their business manifold.

A3 Tech, the Indian investment firm led by financial industry veteran and IIFL Wealth Management co-founder Amit Shah, announced the launch of its cutting-edge digital technology platform which is the first external asset management platform to be established in India. By providing an avenue for independent financial advisors to compete with banks and large wealth management firms, A3 Tech’s unprecedented technology will catalyze the transformation of the financial services sector, driving growth in a way that has never been seen before. 

As a holistic financial ecosystem, A3 Tech is uniquely positioned to support financial advisors with digital technology, social media communication, engagement with their customer base, and a robust reporting platform. Through its unparalleled service offering, it aims to integrate with all asset classes including mutual funds, equities, alternatives, loans and consumer/housing transactions.

Amit Shah, chief executive officer and founder of A3 Tech, confirmed the development and said the platform is designed to enable independent financial advisors grow their businesses by 10X in 5 years.  

Awarded the 'NRI of the Year' in 2016 for the Asia Pacific Region for achieving outstanding success overseas, Amit Shah, Founder & CEO, aims to aggressively promote wealth managers to set up and grow their business independently powered by A3 Tech platform. Bringing over twenty years of global expertise in the wealth management industry, he seeks to transform and disrupt the rudimentary makeshift model of financial advisory. With the massive wealth creation occurring in tier two and three cities in the last decade, the platform will provide budding savvy entrepreneurs and financial advisors with world-class technology to kick-off upcoming large wealth management enterprises. 

Adding his thoughts on the same "We are providing a quasi-private banking platform to an adviser where an adviser would get everything which he/she would get as if working in a bank or a more prominent firm but on an independent basis.”  This differentiated platform will help advisors standardise presentations, refine pitches, and help them with client penetration. Using Amit’s extensive knowledge of Indian & Global markets' wealth management industry, A3 Tech strives to help advisors prepare the right proposition, enabling them to expand their businesses.  

Over the years, the financial industry has observed financial advisors get to first INR 100 crs of assets under advisory in their initial years of operations but struggle to scale up to INR 1,000 crs and beyond. A3 Tech’s vision is to help these advisors achieve their true potential and build a solid brand for themselves which they can monetize later. Beyond a company, A3 Tech is your partner. Through its innovative and personalized services, it will guide and support you every step of the way, allowing you to make greater change than you could ever have imagined.

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