Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Shinkan Partners With REVA University To Launch A Secure Platform For Online Examination

Shinkan is an AI-powered proctoring tool that makes online assessments more reliable than even manually invigilated exams, whether in the classroom or online. This eliminates the need for several manual supervisors and provides educational institutions and corporations an opportunity to conduct malpractice-free virtual tests.

Shinkan joins forces with REVA University, Bangalore to design and develop an online examination proctoring platform. Shinkan eliminates the inadequacies of human invigilated exams and sets the honest apart by making online exam proctoring credible enough, while also enabling every educational institution to reach its true academic potential. 

The platform focuses on highlighting only the true positives that saves the efforts of the administrators to scrutinize again all the false positives. To take this to another step, Shinkan sets the honest apart by certifying the students when they clear their AI proctored examination without any malpractice. Professional online course taken by a candidate which is Shinkan administered and certified can genuinely add value to their profession. It is the first ever platform that verifies and certifies the honesty in students during the examination.

The typical benefits & how ShinKan can strengthen online assessments which ensures credibility of the courses offered:

1. The platform can beat more than 200 malpractice instances, the highest from any competition

2. Most powerful AI engine with deep analytics that concurrently analyses 25+ behavioural patterns for a pinpointed malpractice report

3. This is the world’s first online examination platform which will Verify as well as certify the accuracy of online examination. It gives online Courses’ certificates credibility thereby adding strength to all online certifications.

4. The Platform saves effort & time of the exam controller by removing any false positive red flags & reporting only genuine malpractice scenarios with its precise malpractice report

Sunil Krishnamurthy, Founder of Shinkan said, “The need to ensure far superior online assessments compared with offline assessments led to our contribution in the realm of deep learning AI. The Shinkan algorithm combines supervised, un-supervised and reinforcement machine learning. With thousands of hours of assessment content ingested into the Shinkan engine, we have been able to eliminate false positive fatigue to a very great extent so as to facilitate decision making by the examiners. Training is key to ensure the level of accuracy brought about by the engine. We at Shinkan realized it is best to have the educationists and the students involved in the implementation of an engine which is built for the students, by the students.”

Prof Simha, Chief Mentor for AI from REVA University said, “Shinkan has developed its platform with state of the art technologies in AI and security patterns observed across multiple domains. In addition to the existing approach, Shinkan brings multi sensor fusion, multi layered features and deep domain knowledge to take the quality of assessment to the next level. The patent pending deep learning and fuzzy logic models have been shown to perform well in real world proctoring and assessment studies evidenced from the field testing.”

Shinkan not only promotes fair competition among the students, but it also reduces the cost of the institutions by eliminating the need for too many invigilators. Shinkan enables multiple teams and departments within organizations and universities to conduct online examinations in a safe manner, resulting in reliable and credible results. Shinkan believes strongly in honestly and aims to not only protect but also to drive the future of education.

 About Shinkan

We have envisioned a digital education world equal for all. However, until now, online proctoring services, have not been proven to be 100% credible. Academics all over the world are looking for solutions to one problem: How do we prevent mal-practices and conduct credible online proctored exams? This question began our journey, and thus Shinkan was born. Shinkan is a, AI-powered proctoring tool that makes online assessments more reliable than even manually invigilated exams, whether in the classroom or online. This eliminates the need for several invigilators and provides educational institutions and corporations with malpractice-free virtual tests.

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