Thursday, January 13, 2022

Tata Motors Sets New Benchmarks For Automobile Safety In India

Predominating vehicle safety with next-generation products, including Altroz, Punch, Tiago, Tigor, and Tigor EV, accredited with GNCAP ratings of 4 and 5 stars

With increasing occurrences of accidents and road fatalities globally and in India, safety has become a significant consideration for automotive manufacturers and customers alike. Its importance can’t be overstated in a country like India, where road fatalities take around 1.5 lakh lives every year or 400 in a day. Therefore, with safety being an important pillar of mobility transformation through CESS (Connected, Electric, Safe, and Shared), the demand for it in India is only poised to grow. As a leading player in the Indian automotive industry, Tata Motors continues to emphasize its core commitment to delivering the safest vehicles in every segment.

Over the past year, Tata Motors has made significant strides in setting new benchmarks for safety:

Tata Motors was the first Indian manufacturer to invest in a crash test facility in 1997, a time when there were no crash-testing benchmarks in India

The Compact SUV Nexon was the first-ever GNCAP rated 5-star product, bringing safety at the forefront for consumers. It was followed by the premium Hatch Altroz, setting a new benchmark across the Indian industry by being Global NCAP 5 Star rated car at the launch itself.

Tata Tigor and Tata Tiago were accredited with 4-star GNCAP ratings in 2020 for adult occupant protection, thereby becoming the only offerings in the sub-segment with the highest safety ratings. In parallel, the Tigor EV, launched recently, is the only EV in the country with a 4-star GNCAP rating.

Most of their offerings for many years have come equipped with airbags, seat-belt reminders, alert systems for speed above 80 kmph, reverse parking sensors, and manual override over the central locking system for emergencies.

The company also proactively offers enhanced adult and child occupant protection through class-leading safety features like fortified cabins that absorb impact energy and protect the passenger, tyre pressure monitoring system, side and curtain airbags, ISOFIX anchorages for child safety, etc. This was further elevated in the 2020’s New Forever range, which featured best-in-class safety alongside a major upgrade in design, powertrain, and technology.

In the past few years, the company has launched a range of safety-related technologies like Electronic Stability Control, Automatic Traction Control, and Hill Start Aid across passenger vehicles (PVs), electric vehicles (EVs), and commercial vehicles (CVs).

The company continues to invest in R&D facilities and technologies like Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, driver-health monitoring systems, Connected Vehicle Platform features, etc.

The company is betting big on the electric mobility industry. Their EVs are not only at par with internal combustion engine counterparts but also meet the additional requirements mandated for EVs.

Commenting on the continued emphasis on enhanced safety standards, Mr. Rajendra Petkar, President & CTO, Tata Motors said, “Buyers today have started to look beyond traditional attributes like economy & performance, and they prioritise safety before making a purchase decision. Our growth in PV revenue reflects the traction and popularity that we are gaining amongst the Indian car buyers on this front. We have stayed ahead of the curve by building a long-term strategic road map for safety, and have realized it through expert engineering teams, making investments, incubating innovative concepts, choosing the right technology partners, and delivering solutions for mass markets through frugal engineering. Our GNCAP achievements are a testament to our firm commitment towards offering products that can deliver the highest global standards of safety. As we turn towards a new chapter of transformation in the automotive sector, we are confident that Tata Motors will maintain its lead on passenger car safety and remain the preferred choice of customers for years to come.”

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