Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Fynd's Erase.bg, An AI Image Editing Tool Cracks Product Hunt's Top Positions For October’21 Beating Over 4k Products

* A free-to-use web app, erase.bg makes background removal & image editing extremely easy & scalable even with high-quality images.

 After Fynd's success in creating retail technology and omnichannel solutions for brands, they have successfully created and scaled their groundbreaking photo editing tool. Erase.bg is now attracting international attention with its winning entry into product hunt's top products list.

Erase.bg comes with a whole host of image editing features like bulk image support, high-quality downloads, and more. Product Hunt is an acclaimed global technology community that rates new products based on their efficiency, innovation, and use. Erase.bg landed the #2 spot as the product of the day on 21st October’21, #2 for the product of the week & took the #5 spot for the product of the month in October'2021. This increased Erase.bg's web traffic by 6x and the total images processed shot up by 9x.

From removing the background of signatures to changing the background for brand logos, Erase.bg has something for everybody. Highly customizable with options to re-size & re-imagine how an image can be modified to fit business needs. With Erase.bg people can download unlimited high-resolution images completely free of cost.

"Replacing background images with any design of your choice is a very convenient solution for photographers, designers, and even brands. Recycling bulk images by replacing their background is very useful for agencies & e-commerce brands to create scalable marketing strategies & product catalogs, this is what Erase.bg does with amazing simplicity" said Farooq Aadam, co-founder of Fynd.

Erase.bg also comes with API support that can empower organizations to edit & download HD images on their private platforms.

About Fynd

Fynd is a leading omnichannel platform and retail technology company, creating a thriving ecosystem for retail businesses to grow and expand market influence. Keeping technology at the core of operations, Fynd is adept at understanding the needs & expectations of the end consumer, recognizing market trends, and creating bespoke solutions for both the end consumers and businesses.

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