Tuesday, August 3, 2021

AI Consulting Firm - Affine’s Accelerator Program “Deep Camp” Goes Live!

Affine, a leading AI consulting firm, goes live with its Accelerator Program, “Deep Camp.”

Deep Camp is the first global accelerator launched by a pure-play analytics firm. The program will provide hands-on assistance to start-ups to improve their products and solutions, mentoring start-ups in the emerging and exciting areas of Industry4.0, IIoT, Gaming & Entertainment, Social Impact, among others.

Start-ups with interesting ideas can apply for the Deep Camp program starting 4th Aug. Application forms for the same are available on the Affine website. The selection process will include a review of applications by an esteemed panel, followed by a boot camp and an interview round. Selected start-ups will have the opportunity to network and learn from some of the most renowned global names in the technology industry, earn cloud credits from Affine’s partner- AWS, and co-sell opportunities with Azure.

“Our demonstrated expertise in deep tech has been instrumental in AI-led transformations of several Fortune-500 enterprises,” says Vineet Kumar, Co-founder, and Chief Solutions Architect, Affine. “Deep Camp will be the first deep tech accelerator to provide actual hands-on help up to 100 hours of AI model training, large scale engineering/cloud and deep domain knowledge through its multiple Centers of Excellence. This will help the selected start-ups vastly improve their solutions.”

“As an organization, Affine has always focused on driving meaningful impact in enterprises and society at large. With Deep Camp, our goal is to mentor and assist the budding tech start-ups on all aspects like business planning, GTM, finance & legal, HR, and marketing to become the future leaders” says Ashish Maheshwari, Head of Global Operations, Affine.

Affine also commits to up to $50,000 seed round investment apart from non-monetary benefits like office space, IT infra and cloud credits.

Ankit Agarwal, Head of Deep Camp, says that “Deep Camp is a unique initiative aiming to collaborate with emerging start-ups across the world. We have designed the program to facilitate start-ups with all that they need to grow and make a mark. We have created a program by integrating the experience of in-house experts and external consultants, capable of coaching startups in all aspects of their business. We hope to collaborate with start-ups who are genuinely seeking opportunities to grow and contribute to the thriving technology ecosystem across the world.”

The detailed press release is attached to this email. Kindly let us know if you require any further information or would like to interact with the spokespeople, we will be happy to facilitate the same. 

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