Monday, October 5, 2020

MARK Compressors Launches New Range of Piston Air Compressors Across Segments

MARK Compressors, a part of Atlas Copco group in India, today launched two new product variations in their Piston Compressor range – The Ironwind series and the Bluewind series. Equipped with a robust cast iron pump and a simple plug and play solution, the products are highly reliable and durable for the Indian market needs.

The key industry segments such as automobile, tyre retail industry, fuel stations, woodworks, small-scale industries, Micro, small and medium scale business units, and independent professional businesses where pneumatic and air applications come into play will benefit from these compressed air solutions. The new products with highly engineered innovation are intended towards enhancing customers’ productivity, reducing energy consumption, and offering higher uptime and reliability. The products are available across the country to fulfil the demand of customers even in shorter duration through the channel partners.

The products have an upgraded cooling system, which keeps the heat emission in check during long working hours. Designed in a compact “tank” format, the products are on wheels which makes them portable. This feature is especially handy for projects with frequently changing workstations. The products will be available in various sizes, displacement, and power options, ranging from 1.5HP to 10HP, which are completely customizable as per respective industry’s requirement.

Andy Prabhakar, General Manager - Brand Portfolio at Atlas Copco, said, “At Mark, we are proud to be able to cater to the customer with solutions created only with durable parts, ensuring efficiency of products & services, backed by timely maintenance offerings. The new range of air compressors with the cast iron piston technology is a result of Mark’s continued commitment to offer products to the customers that are simple enough to be user-friendly, reliable and efficient. As a business commitment, the company ensures that the products and parts are easily available and serviceable, no matter in which part of the country your business is.” 

As a part of their existing portfolio, the company also offers a prominent range of air compressors including Oil-Injected screw air compressors, refrigerant dryers, line filters, air receivers and piping solutions.

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