Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Hindware Italian Collection Launches Exquisite Range Of Contactless Sensor Faucets

Technology plays a crucial role as we navigate this new normal. Consumers have a renewed focus on health and safety which means they are ready to invest in technologically advanced products which aids in safety and cleaning practices. The current situation is clearly accelerating the adoption of touchless, contactless products. This is particularly important in bathrooms, at home, and outside, which is why consumers are shifting towards touch-free faucets in this new normal. Washing hands is a must in the New Normal and therefore Hindware Italian Collection has a launched a range of environment-friendly contactless sensor faucets are a blend of, unmatched technology and design.

Integrated with infrared sensor technology, the contact-free faucets activate water flow through the autofocus reliable sensors and inhibit skin contact ensuring maximum hygiene and safe water access. Intelligent sensors detect the user, react precisely to the user's hands and no part of the fitting needs to be touched with water flow starting and stopping automatically. The intuitive and self-adjusting sensors automatically measure its surroundings and allow water flow only when needed. The touch-free operation is not only hygienic and comfortable but also helps in reducing cost and are environment friendly. The inbuilt water flow control enables automatic shut-off, thus achieving extra water efficiency.

Apt for residential and commercial spaces, all products in the range are equipped with an easy installation mechanism. 

FluidThe fluid with an infrared sensor, is an intelligent touch-free faucet for the modern world. It regulates the water output for single cold water supply, thus enabling touch-free operations. Enthused with elegance, its suave design is further accentuated by the chrome-plated brass finish.

Price: INR 11990

Availability:  Across all Brand Stores and trade

Bathroom-ShotBalancing the perfect blend of style and substance, the Immacula range of faucets come in three distinct variants. The pre-installed vandal-resistant aerators offer more protection and durability. The Tall Body Tap and the Wall Mounted Spout, both have mouth operated sensors for precision, while the Sensor Faucet is equipped with an infrared sensor. These splash-free faucets are available in chrome-plated brass body for an enhanced aesthetic appeal


Wall Mounted Imaacula– INR 12990

Sensor Tap Imaacula – INR 11990

Tall Body Immacula – INR 12990

Availability: Across all Brand Stores and trade

FloraThe Flora, with its mouth-operated infrared sensor, is available in two variants - Short and tall. It comes with a 1200 mm braided, flexible tube for easy installation. The new-age faucet is AC+DC battery-powered for durability and optimum performance. The chrome-plated cast brass body and brass spout provide an appealing aesthetic, while the innovative engineering ensures water conservation.


Short –INR 8590

Long – INR 9590 

Availability: Across all Brand Stores and trade

The I Sense faucet comes equipped with dual sensors. Inspired thinking and innovation-led, the infrared sensors can be used for a short term while long duration requirements can be met with a wave at the side sensor. The wave sensor has a three-minute-long pre-programmed water flow. Additional tech elements such as LED overheating warning, 660mAh rechargeable lithium battery, and magnetic charger adds to the practicality.

Price: INR 4990

Availability: Across all Brand Stores and trade

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