Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Over 1,70,000 School Children to Benefit from Amazon Cares, Akshaya Patra Partnership for Ksheera Bhagya Scheme in Bengaluru

In line with Amazon Care’s vision of transforming lives, Amazon has partnered with The Akshaya PatraFoundation to reach out to 1,70,000 children across 1300 schools, contributing to the Government of Karnataka's flagship ‘Ksheera Bhagya’ Scheme in Bengaluru, Karnataka. Under the partnership, Amazon will help the Foundation in distributing and providing a healthy glass of milk to the school children, five days a week to help them be stronger, sharper and have a great start to their day.

The partnership was announced at an event held today at Govt. Kannada & Tamil Model Primary School, Cleveland Town, Bengaluru, in the presence of Roshan Baig, Minister for Urban Development & Haj, A. Manju, Minister for Animal Husbandry, Fisheries & Horticulture Department, Mehroz Khan, Member of the Chief Minister’s Vision Group, R Akhanda SrinivasaMurthy, MLA, Pulikeshi Nagar, AR Zakir, Councillor, Pulikeshi Nagar, Prabha Alexander, BEO, North Range 3and Gopal Pillai, Director & GM, Seller Services, Amazon India.

Akshaya Patra, in partnership with the Government of Karnataka, implements the Ksheera Bhagya Scheme to provide milk to school andanganwadi children in Karnataka.  This scheme ensures that children start their day in school with a healthy glass of milk, which is rich in protein and fat, essential for healthy growth and all-round development of children. This nutritious component also helps in improving their concentration in school. The partnership between Amazon Cares and Akshaya Patra will enable Akshaya Patra to implement the Ksheera Bhagya Scheme to provide milk to school children for five days of the week for this entire academic year.

Encouraging this partnership, Roshan Baig, A. Manju and Mehroz Khan expressed their support for the scheme. They also spoke on the benefits of providing milk to school children on regular basis. They appreciated Amazon Cares for partnering with Akshaya Patra and this direction of transforming lives of the underserved children in the society.

Talking about the partnership, Gopal Pillai, Director & GM, Seller Services, Amazon India said, “In line with Amazon Care’s vision of Transforming Lives, we have partnered with the civil society at large to bring about transformation and betterment of the community. We work in areas of education, health, livelihoodand sanitation all over the country.  Today, we are delighted topartner with Akshaya Patra and contribute our bit in the Ksheer Bhagya Scheme, to help in the milk distribution across 1300 government schools in Bengaluru and ensure that these children get a healthy glass of milk every morning for their holistic growth.”         

Shridhar Venkat, CEO, The Akshaya Patra Foundation said, “We welcome Amazon Care’s initiative to support the supply of milk underKsheera Bhagya Scheme by the Government of Karnataka, which helps the child to start the morning in schools with a nutritious and healthy drink. With this support, we look forward to work with the Government of Karnataka in making the child’s morning healthy and energetic.”

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