Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Nandan Nilekani to Bring Back 'Acche Din' Back in Infosys: N R Narayana Murthy

Expressing satisfaction over the return of Nandan Nilekani as the non-executive chairman of Infosys, the company’s co-founder N R Narayana Murthy on Tuesday said that Nilekani will bring back ‘Acche Din’ to the company.

The corporate governance standard practicsed by Infosys will be on par with the global best standard with Nilekani back at the helm of the company.

Nandan has been a firm believer of good governance, Murthy said during his first investors’ call since company’s former Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director Vishal Sikka resigned.

“Having worked with Nandan for long, I know that he is a stickler for good corporate governance,” Murthy said.

He also expressed hope that Nilekani will help bringing transparency in the Panaya probe.

“He is also a value-based person. He is the first among the hundreds of thousands of professionals who symbolised the byline of Infosys – Powered by Intellect; Driven by Values,” he said.

“In fact, based on Nandan’s media interviews and the recent changes in the board, I believe that corrective actions have already begun,” he claimed.

Decisive action

Not explaining what the corrective action was, Murthy added, “As explained earlier, it is this kind of corrective and decisive action that I was looking for in the detailed report. These actions are now being taken. Therefore, we can all move forward from here and look to the future.”

In a jibe at the previous management and board, Murthy wished Nilekani “best of everything in his effort to bring back Acche Din to Infosys.”

“I am confident Nandan will determine whether the members of the current Board who were involved in the events alleged by the whistle blower exercised their proper and expected role in governance; and that he will take appropriate corrective actions. These actions will bring back the rigor of governance standards at Infosys,” he said.

Reiterating his confidence in the current senior management of the company, he claimed that many of them were “excellent people” with whom he has worked.

Noting a positive turnaround in the current state of affairs, Murthy said that he is assured now that the company is in safe hands.

Recollecting his first interaction with Nilekani, Murthy said, “I have known Nandan for over 38 years ever since he walked into my office for a job. I gave him a very difficult IQ test and he passed it with flying colors. He is also a value-based person.”

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