Thursday, April 28, 2016

MintMesh Unveils a Smart App for Referral from Trusted Networks

MintMesh, a US based technology solutions provider announced the launch of its smart referral app that helps users find referrals from their trusted network. MintMesh is a lead discovery platform that connects with the user’s phone contacts to create a network of trusted connections. Leveraging this network, users can set up referral campaigns for a variety of purposes.

MintMesh is a one of its kind application that offers its end users an opportunity to earn cash and build social currency points for helping their network. They do so by responding to referral requests from their network. Amongst the millions of apps in the marketplace, MintMesh stands out due to its unique business model of sharing wealth with its users. It also aims at saving on time by sending out the referrals in less than 15 seconds and receive real-time responses that are algorithmically accurate, based on organized data within the user’s database.

Speaking on the launch Rahul Shah, Co-founder and Director of MintMesh said, “This is for the first time that an app will allow its users to earn money by making referrals. We believe that word of mouth is a very effective medium to grow your business, hire candidates, find service vendors and get a new job, however, it suffers from the limitation of physical reach, thus reducing its impact. With our smart referral app one can dramatically expand the reach of this medium.”

“Additionally, Small and Medium Businesses who rely mainly on word of mouth will benefit greatly by adopting this channel to grow their business. Service providers and businesses can lower their marketing costs as the app does not charge a fee for posting a request,” he added.

Ajay Rayaroth, Managing Director of MintMesh in India commented, “Job referrals continue to be the most effective source for hiring, yet the adoption and reach of these types of referrals is not wide spread. Our differentiated model provides a discovery fee for every qualified referral candidate, irrespective of the candidate getting a job. This increases the chance that every user making a referral gets rewarded. Recruiters can harness the power of their corporate and social networks. The model is a win-win as it reduces recruitment costs, time to hire and encourages engagement.”

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