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Zupee Unveils 'Sadiyon Se India Ka Apna Game' Campaign Celebrating Ludo's Timeless Appeal

-          Starring Saif Ali Khan, Sunil Grover, Mouni Roy, Vijay Raaz, and Abhay Deol, the campaign creatively traverses from the stone age to the digital age, celebrating common love for Ludo.

-          Through engaging visuals & witty storytelling ‘Sadiyon Se India Ka Apna Game’ promises to create a nationwide buzz.

-          Campaign Link – YouTube | Instagram

Zupee, India’s largest skill-based Ludo platform, has unveiled its latest campaign, ‘Sadiyon Se India Ka Apna Game,’ celebrating the timeless appeal of Ludo, India’s most beloved board game. This campaign is more than just a launch, it's a heartfelt narrative that creatively captures Ludo's evolution through the ages, with engaging storytelling and humor, culminating in its modern-day skill-based avatar on Zupee.

From the ancient stone age to grandeur of royal courts to the golden era of black and white and the funky retro era, Zupee’s campaign creatively illustrates Ludo's enduring journey. It also underscores Zupee's innovation in offering skill-based variations that enable players to win real money on Zupee Ludo in today's digital age, contrasting with a past where there were no meaningful rewards.

The campaign showcases a star-studded ensemble including Saif Ali Khan, Sunil Grover, Mouni Roy, Vijay Raaz, and Abhay Deol, with each celebrity embodying a different era, bringing alive the idea that Ludo is truly ‘Sadiyon Se India Ka Apna Game’ in their own creative way.

Dilsher Singh Malhi, Founder and CEO of Zupee, said, "We are delighted to introduce 'Sadiyon Se India Ka Apna Game,' a campaign celebrating Ludo's enduring legacy. As a beloved classic, Ludo has united people across generations. This campaign not only highlights Ludo's journey from ancient times to its modern avatar on Zupee, but also underscores our commitment to blending tradition with innovation in skill-based gaming. Collaborating with esteemed talents like Saif Ali Khan, Sunil Grover, Mouni Roy, Vijay Raaz, and Abhay Deol adds a unique touch to amplify the joy of playing Ludo to an even wider audience!"

Bollywood star, Saif Ali khan added, “Zupee's dedication to offering enjoyable and innovative gaming experiences resonates with me. Their distinctive approach to skill-based gaming sets them apart, and Ludo, a beloved classic, perfectly captures the spirit of joyful entertainment.

I am excited to contribute to an endeavor that celebrates our traditional board games while embracing contemporary gaming trends, all while weaving a playful narrative around our shared love for Ludo.”

On his association with the brand, Indian actor & comedian, Sunil Grover added, "Ludo is indeed sadiyon se India ka apna game, a timeless favorite that has brought people together for generations. Working on this campaign was definitely a blast, mixing laughs with good old memories. Working with Saif Ali Khan, Vijay Raaz, Mouni Roy and Abhay Deol to bring different eras to life and give our favorite Ludo a modern twist was a delight.”

The ‘Sadiyon Se India Ka Apna Game’ campaign is conceptualized and produced by Leo Burnett India and will span across TV, digital, print, radio, and outdoor platforms, complemented by a series of short films.

About Zupee - Zupee is the largest skill-based ludo platform in India. Zupee offers ‘games of skill’ in which a player’s skill, knowledge, attention, experience and capabilities are crucial to success. Zupee’s product portfolio of skill-based board games is redefining the online real-money gaming ecosystem by providing meaningful entertainment and bringing moments of joy. Zupee seeks to offer a learning-driven gaming ecosystem in the country. Founded by IIT Kanpur graduates, Dilsher Singh Malhi and Siddhant Saurabh in 2018, Zupee is backed by marquee investors such as WestCap Group, Tomales Bay Capital, Nepean Capital, AJ Capital, Matrix Partners India, & Orios Venture Partners. Recently, Zupee was also recognized and applauded as the 'Future Ready Organization'.

*Zupee, a responsible gaming platform, adheres to a transparent communication policy and outlines clear guidelines on its website regarding Do's & Dont's. Zupee advocates for responsible gaming practices, emphasizing that gaming should be enjoyed primarily for entertainment purposes, rather than solely for monetary gains.

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