Wednesday, June 26, 2024

Arohan Financial Services Disbursed Its First Arohan Privilege Loan In South India

Arohan Financial Services, a leading NBFC MFI, regulated by RBI, recently expanded its business operation in south India by establishing a Zonal office in Bengaluru. The Company disbursed its first ArohanPrivilege loan of INR 59,000.00 to a customer based out of Mysore. This is the Company’s first-in-the-industry proposition for gold standard microfinance customers.

ArohanPrivilege Digital Lending stands as a testament to Arohan's commitment to innovation and its ambitious Vision of impacting 28 million lives by the year 2028. Tailored as an alternative channel, this service caters specifically to customers with a proven track record of timely repayments, empowering them with swift and convenient access to financial assistance. ArohanPrivilege recorded its 1st ever disbursement of ArohanPrivilege loan in southern India, with a disbursement of INR 59,000 at the Company’s Mysore branch.

""Our nation is full of hardworking entrepreneurs from rural and semi-urban geographies, including those in the South, who contribute immensely to the nation-building. We believe we can play a crucial role in supporting them in their journey of success, a vision of Viksit Bharat’ fostering inclusive economic participation among all citizens”, said Mr. Manoj Nambiar, Managing Director, Arohan Financial Services Limited

The company strives to provide effective and customer-focused solutions by optimizing workflows and utilizing cutting-edge methodologies and technology. The first-ever end-to-end digital lending service in the microfinance sector, ArohanPrivilege, was launched by Arohan Financial Services in the year 2022, for all gold standard microfinance customers. By giving people and businesses access to financing, the company hopes to promote sustainable development and open doors for economic growth and advancement for the people representing the bottom of the socio-economic pyramid.

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