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Mobility Matters: Narayan Health City Performs 300 Robotic Knee Replacements In Six Months

·          According to experts, Tech-enabled Human-driven Robotic Knee Replacements offers Precision, Shorter Stay, Quick Recovery, Implant Longevity and Reduces the Need for Future Revisions

Mahavir chakra holder, Pt S K Gupta, 88 yr old patient who had become nearly immobile due to severe knee arthritis, discovered a renewed sense of freedom at Narayana Health City in Bengaluru. Through tech-enabled human-driven robotic knee surgery he regained his mobility and confidence back. This achievement is one of 300 robotic knee replacements completed in the past six months by the skilled orthopedic team at Narayana Health City, led by Professor Arun Ranganathan, Senior Consultant for Orthopedics, Spine & Trauma.

In the next decade or so, knee arthritis is expected to emerge as the fourth most common cause of physical disability in India. According to experts, there is a huge gap that needs to be filled up. Robotic Knee Replacement surgeries have emerged as a preferred choice for patients seeking a more precise and advanced solution for knee problems. Robotic Knee Replacement surgeries have emerged as a preferred choice for patients seeking a more precise and advanced solution for knee problems. Pt S K Gupta had every reason for opting this surgery.

Internal data speaks volumes about the hospital’s focus on providing advanced solutions for the elderly, enhancing their mobility and quality of life. Patients from 31 districts across Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, West Bengal, and Odisha, alongside individuals from over 10 overseas countries, trusted Narayana Health City for their robotic knee replacements. This diverse representation showcases Narayana Health City’s status as a premier destination for world-class healthcare, drawing patients from near and far. Being pioneer computer-navigated procedures in spine, pelvic, and tumor surgeries, as well as limb reconstruction make Narayana Health City cut above the rest.

Emphasizing the transformative nature of this procedure, Dr Abhinandan S Punith, Orthopaedic Surgeon, Robotic Joint Replacement, Knee Replacement Surgery, Narayana Health City said, “At Narayana Health City, our mission is always centered around our patients' well-being. Introducing robotic knee replacement technology was a natural step for us, as it allows for unparalleled precision and personalized care. We are dedicated to enhancing the lives of our patients, and this advanced technology enables us to do just that. Seeing our patients regain their mobility and independence is the greatest reward for our team”

Compared to conventional procedures, Robotic surgery is more accurate due to the level of precision it offers which is beyond the natural ability of the human eye. It minimizes the possibility of human error and inconsistencies, ensuring unparalleled accuracy and consistency. The minimally invasive approach results in smaller incisions, reduced blood loss and faster recovery times compared to conventional methods.

“Our goal is to provide access to cutting-edge robotic Knee Replacement Technology for all patients, regardless of their financial means," said Professor Arun Ranganathan, adding, “During the procedure, real-time mapping is conducted to generate a 3D model of the patient’s knee. While a robotic arm or device assists the procedure, surgeons remain in full control and their expertise enhances the clinical outcomes.” 

Experts emphasized on the comprehensive benefits of undergoing joint replacement surgery via Robotic technology.

"The Joint Robot system's surgical precision offers several benefits including more precise implant placement leading to a natural post-surgery feel, decreased risk of injury to surrounding tissues, reduced infection risk and early rehabilitation contributing to shorter hospital stay. The precise implant placement also enhances implant longevity, potentially reducing the need for future revisions,” concluded Dr. Prashanth BN, Orthopaedic Surgeon, Robotic Joint Replacement, Knee Replacement Surgery, Narayana Health City.

About Narayana Health

Narayana Health, founded by the visionary Dr. Devi Shetty and headquartered in Bengaluru, is a leading presence in the global healthcare landscape. As the second-largest healthcare provider in India, Narayana Health offers a comprehensive range of super-specialty tertiary care facilities, establishing itself as the ultimate destination for healthcare needs. The group's Centers of Excellence in various medical domains, a team of 18,822 dedicated professionals, including 3,868 skilled doctors and specialists, and a relentless focus on patient well-being and clinical excellence underscore its position as a beacon of hope and healing in the healthcare industry.

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