Thursday, June 27, 2024

Uber Invites Riders To Flaunt Their Ratings In Latest Campaign

Uber today announced a social media campaign, Uber Flex, inviting its top-rated riders to share their rider ratings supported by reasons as to why they think they were rated that high by drivers, in order to win freebies including one year worth of free Uber rides. 

Riding on the recent trend where Indians shared their rider rating as a “flex” on social media platforms and dating apps, Uber launched the contest with an aim to stress on the need for riders to be courteous towards their drivers, and to promote better behaviour among people. As part of the campaign, riders with high ratings on Uber will be rewarded, and those with scope to improve will also be incentivised to make a difference. 

Speaking about the campaign, Nitish Bhushan, Head of Central Operations, Uber India South Asia said, “Just like a rider wants to drive with a better-rated driver, drivers are also inclined to serve polite and well mannered customers. This initiative of ours is a reminder of just that, along with being a fun way to promote the desire in riders to be conscious of their surroundings, behaviour, and be more polite to each other.” 

The social media contest has been designed to elevate the Uber ride experience for users across India.

Contest: Rewarding Excellence in Riding

As part of the first leg of the contest, Uber is celebrating the top 100 riders with the highest ratings. All riders with a rider rating of 4.8 and above are encouraged to share their top 3 reasons they think they were rated that highly by drivers. Wit and humour in the responses will get them brownie points. 

Participants will need to submit their entries by sharing screenshots of their Uber rider rating, along with the three reasons as a post on X, using the hashtag #UberFlex, by June 26.


For top 3 entries: Free Uber rides for 1 year (up to Rs 50,000 each)

For 100 best entries: Uber credits worth Rs 2,000 each 

Winners will be contacted via social media direct messages. Fulfillment of prizes will be mailed directly to winners from Uber 

The Uber app also offers a Privacy Center to all riders, where they can get insights into their past trips, including a split of the ratings they received from drivers, and various ways to improve ratings. Uber has always promoted good behaviour on the platform, and 

Key features and offerings as part of Privacy Center include:

1.       Summary of Usage: Users can access a summary of how they utilize Uber's services, providing transparency on data usage.

2.       Data Tracking Control: Users have the option to control data tracking for personalized ads, ensuring preferences are respected.

3.       Account Security: Users can manage account security features, including account deletion, to maintain control over their personal information.

4.       Privacy Overview Page: A comprehensive resource providing insights into Uber's privacy practices, guiding users on how their data is managed and safeguarded.

5.       Privacy Inquiry Submission: Users can submit privacy inquiries directly through the Privacy Center, addressing any concerns or questions they may have regarding their data.

How to Access Privacy Center:

·         Tap Account: In the Account section of the Uber app, tap the icon next to the name and then tap ‘Privacy and Data’ to see the summary.

·         Tap Privacy Center: In the Privacy Center, press ‘See Summary’ to access the page where all the data will be given: Trips taken, Uber Go data, and rider rating earned.

About Uber: We rode into India in 2013 with a simple promise: press a button, get a ride. 10 years and over 3 billion trips later, we continue to build products to help people get where they need to be. Today, Uber is available across 125 cities in India and has become #IndiaKiRide where people can go where they have to on Moto, Auto, Cars and even Buses - designed for their various intracity and intercity travel needs. With just a swipe on the app we make mobility seamless for millions and have helped over 1,000,000 Indians earn a sustainable income by getting in the driver's seat. We continue to reimagine the way the world moves for the better in ever expanding ways and as we mark our ten year milestone - we remain committed to keep India Moving Forward.

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