Friday, February 2, 2024

MAHE And Vedan Trust Set The Stage For A Greener Future With Zero Waste Campus Agreement

Manipal Academy of Higher Education Bangalore in a bid to create a more sustainable & eco-friendly campus inked Memorandum of Understanding with Vedan Trust, and partner/ funder SVP India, to initiate making the newly developed campus a zero-waste site. This initiative will mark MAHE Bengaluru as a first private educational institution to do so.

The Zero Waste Campus project is one of many initiatives of the rewilding MAHE B’lru Task Force at the campus, to work towards long-term sustainability goals. The initiative is oriented towards reducing wet and dry waste generation inside campus, segregate any refuse and find the best opportunities to reuse, recycle, regenerate (through composting), and other modes. MAHE B’lru is committed to ensuring long-term sustainability of this and other initiatives through engaging students, staff and faculty in awareness and action-oriented programs and events, aligning with the UN Sustainable Development Goals 2030.

Commenting on the initiative, Dr Raghavendra Prabhu, Deputy Registrar, Manipal Academy of Higher Education, Bengaluru, says “Seeing the commitment and teamwork put into our mission to achieve the campus zero trash makes me incredibly proud. This project not only demonstrates our dedication to environmental sustainability, but it also emphasizes our role in forming responsible global citizens. Not only are we diminishing our ecological footprint through creative waste management techniques and the enthusiastic participation of our college community, but we are also cultivating an environmental stewardship culture that will extend well beyond our campus walls. Let's continue this revolutionary journey together toward a more sustainable and greener future”.

Suhasini Hathwar, Project Coordinator, Vedan Trust, said, “Simple act of dropping the waste in right bin saves natural resources and becomes the raw material for recyclers. We are glad that MAHE Bengaluru has taken the right step where they are ready to walk the talk.”

Attendees of the MoU from Vedan Trust included Secretary of Vedan Trust, Mr. Sathyanarana, and volunteers Ms. Suhasini and Mr. Rakesh. From SVP India were Mrs. Padmashree Balaram, and Ms. Sashi Rajamani.

MAHE representatives included Deputy Registrar Dr. Raghavendra Prabhu, Dr. Deepta Sateesh (Chair of the Rewilding Task Force), Dr. Navaneetha Krishnan, Dr. Shilpa (DLHS), Dr. Harini Santhanam, Dr. Harish (SPOC for the Zero Waste Campus initiative), Dr. Sunil John, Mr. Prashant (IT), Ms. Divyadarshini (Admissions), Mr. Gaurav (Admissions), Ishappa (Library), and other representatives from the faculty across campus.

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