Thursday, February 1, 2024

Akshayakalpa Organic And Innovative Chess Academy Hosts Grand Chess Tournament In Bengaluru

~ Akshayakalpa Organic and ICA collaborate for a grand chess tournament at Silicon City Academy Of Secondary Education, Bengaluru, underscoring their commitment to making chess accessible to diverse communities ~

~ With 700 participants, a 3-day tournament with 9 rounds, and a 5 Lakh rupees prize pool, the event serves as a gateway to the Chess National Tournament in Jaipur ~ 

~The event aims to boost chess growth in Bengaluru, fostering inclusivity for players of all backgrounds ~

Akshayakalpa Organic, a champion of organic farming and sustainability, collaborated with the Innovative Chess Academy (ICA) to present a spectacular chess tournament between January 26th to 28th, 2024. The highly anticipated event took place at the esteemed Silicon City Academy Of Secondary Education in Bengaluru, providing a dynamic platform for chess enthusiasts to showcase their strategic prowess.

This thrilling tournament, utilizing the Swiss method of play with 9 intense rounds, brought together more than 700 participants over three action-packed days. The collaboration between Akshayakalpa Organic and ICA underscores their shared commitment to fostering intellectual sports and promoting the growth of chess within the community.

Shashi Kumar, Co-founder and CEO of Akshayakalpa Organic brings a unique passion to the tournament as an active chess player himself. Shashi Kumar, who has been supporting the game for over a decade, expressed his excitement, saying, "Chess has been a source of inspiration and growth for me personally. As an avid player, I understand the mental acuity and strategic thinking it requires. This tournament is not just a competition; it's a celebration of the chess community's spirit, where players learn, compete, and evolve together."

Shashi Kumar emphasized the significance of the collaboration with ICA, stating, "Our partnership with Innovative Chess Academy is rooted in a shared vision of making chess accessible to all. We believe in the power of chess to instill critical thinking skills, enhance concentration, and foster a sense of community. By joining forces, Akshayakalpa and ICA aim to create an inclusive environment where individuals from all walks of life can engage with and enjoy the game of chess."

The tournament, held at the Silicon City Academy Of Secondary Education, not only featured intense competition but also provided a conducive environment for learning and camaraderie among participants. With a total prize pool of 5 Lakh rupees, this event was a landmark occasion for the chess community in Bengaluru.

In addition to the substantial cash prizes, participants had the golden opportunity to secure a coveted spot in the Chess National Tournament scheduled to take place in Jaipur.

This tournament not only serves as a showcase for the strategic brilliance of local chess enthusiasts but also as a stepping stone for players to advance to national-level competitions. Akshayakalpa Organic and Innovative Chess Academy is proud to contribute to the growth of chess in Bengaluru and beyond.

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