Monday, January 29, 2024

Manipal Law School, MAHE, Bengaluru Calls For Presentation On Data Privacy Day

Manipal Law School (MLS), Manipal Academy of Higher Education, Bengaluru celebrated Data Privacy Day in its Bengaluru campus to aid to the learning of students aspiring for careers in Data Privacy Law/ Information Technology Law/ Cyber Law. The event featured call for presentations followed by the prize and reward announcements and witnessed enthusiastic participation of over 200 students.

The awards were presented to the following students:

(i)                  First prize (INR 5000) – Chanakya Kene

(ii)                 Second prize (INR 3000) – Vishnu Sudhakar

(iii)               Third prize (INR 1500) – Natasha Rama Rocha

(iv)               Consolation prizes (INR 1000 each) – Sneha Nivedya Satheesan, Harshitha JS, Janhvi Tripathi, Stalin Manjaly, Anjana Ashok

Students were invited to submit abstracts on provision of new Indian data protection law (DPDPA 2023). The winners were given the opportunity to present their abstract before the community of privacy pros. The purpose of the event was to raise awareness, encourage specialized education information technology laws and privacy, and discuss possible career opportunities in this field.  All attendees received certificates of participation.

For students and working legal professionals, Manipal Law School provides specialized LLM (master’s in law) courses: LLM in Data Privacy Law and Cyber Law and LLM in Information Technology Laws. To make these courses more inclusive in nature, MLS has designed the courses in both regular and blended modes.

In addition to the above, with the goal to bridge the gap between technical expertise and legal skills, MLS will also be introducing a LLM (Professional) for non-legal working professionals, starting from August 2024.

Excited about the event, Prof. (Dr) Avinash Dadhich, Director, Manipal Law School, MAHE, Bengaluru Off-campus said, “With information becoming a valuable commodity in the digital age, Data Privacy Day is a stinging reminder of the fundamental rights that we have in the online world. We understand that it is our duty as law schools to develop the next generation of legal scholars who will be able to successfully negotiate the intricate world of data protection. We would like to take this opportunity to reiterate our dedication to raising awareness, promoting critical thinking, and equipping our students to fight for privacy in a world that is becoming more linked. Informed consent is based on knowledge, thus on this Data Privacy Day, we're setting out to shed light on the way to a more ethically and securely grounded digital future”.

MLS provides its students with the abilities and information required to successfully negotiate the complex world of data protection. Modern data privacy legislation courses are incorporated into the curriculum at MLS, giving students a thorough understanding of the ethical issues, technological ramifications, and legal frameworks related to information security.

About Manipal Law School (MLS)

Manipal Law School, MAHE Bengaluru Off-campus is approved by the Bar Council of India. MLS fosters a holistic academic environment enabling students to have an inclusive access to progressive, adaptive, and innovative legal education. MLS believes in producing lawyers who would excel in their profession and be humane with a strong sense of social justice.   

It is an institution with a firm resolute which intends to build a vibrant community of critical thinkers and reflects on the fundamental legal issues confronted by our global community. Technology driven campus with interdisciplinary approach and worldwide exposure provides a conducive platform to everyone to germinate and find their Ikigai.

MLS is inthe Silicon Valley of India and provides the plethora of opportunities to the students and stakeholders to build a successful career as 21st century lawyers.

About Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE)

Established in 1953, Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE) is an Institution of Eminence and a Deemed to be University. With a remarkable track record in academics, state-of-the-art infrastructure, and significant contributions to research, MAHE has earned recognition and acclaim both nationally and internationally. In October 2020, the Ministry of Education, Government of India, honoured MAHE with the prestigious designation of Institution of Eminence Deemed to be University. Currently ranked sixth in the National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF), MAHE is the preferred choice for students seeking a transformative learning experience.

MAHE Bengaluru, an off campus of MAHE, excels in delivering comprehensive education to students, supported by highly qualified faculty, and dedicated mentors. The MAHE Bengaluru campus has an inspiring, future relevant learning ecosystem, on a new age tech enabled living campus. Here, the students immerse themselves, transform and discover multiple choices and opportunities. At MAHE Bengaluru, the potential for growth and the opportunities available are boundless.

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