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Toyota Kirloskar Motor Drives Sustainable Community Development Through Its 29th iCARE Initiative

Toyota Kirloskar Motor (TKM), today announced the successful execution of its 29th iCARE initiative, held at Government High School, Kengeri on 28th January’24, the activity is a testament to the company's unwavering commitment to sustainable community development thereby bringing about a positive change to the surrounding communities. In a synergistic celebration of National Road Safety Month and the International Day of Education, about 350 volunteers comprising of TKM employees and their families and students were engaged in two impactful activities at Government High School, Kengeri, one aimed at fostering  safe driving practices and the other, to provide a more inclusive learning environment for school children.

The National Road Safety Month serves as a dedicated period to instil and promote road safety awareness in young minds, ultimately contributing to life-saving measures and reducing road accidents. In this backdrop a mentoring session on road safety was held, where volunteers mentored school children on safety measures while driving and sensitized the meaning and importance of following road signs. Students were also provided with assessment sheets to test their knowledge on road safety, followed by a review and explanation by the volunteers.

Simultaneously, coinciding with International Day of Education, and recognizing the crucial role basic school infrastructure like benches, play in providing comfortable seating, promoting healthy posture, and enhancing overall student well-being, TKM organized a bench polishing & painting event where volunteers showcased their creativity and manual skills to refurbish school benches, creating versatile and inclusive learning spaces. The dual activities underscore TKM's commitment to creating a safer world and providing an enhanced learning environment for students, aligning with the company's core values and principles towards community development.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Vikram Gulati, Country Head and Executive Vice President, Corporate Affairs and Governance, Toyota Kirloskar Motor said, “We are thrilled to announce the successful execution of 29th iCARE initiative, a  testament to Toyota Kirloskar Motor's enduring commitment to sustainable community development. In a harmonious celebration of National Road Safety Month and the International Day of Education, our dedicated employees engaged in two exciting activities aimed at fostering a safer society and creating a more enriching learning environment. The initiative not only demonstrates our commitment to road safety and education but also reflects the collective efforts of our employees in making a positive impact on society. With 29 successful iCARE activities to date, TKM continues to drive transformation change and enrich the lives of individuals and communities.”

Additionally, in line with its commitment to the cause of road safety, the company recently announced the implementation of two impactful road safety programs, namely the Toyota Safety Education Program (TSEP) and the Toyota Hackathon, aimed to educate, create awareness, instil a sense of responsibility, and empower the youths to become advocates for road safety. While TSEP is an interactive program targeting school children from 5th – 9th grades, educating them on the importance of road safety through a phase-wise approach, this year, TSEP will be implemented across Bangalore & nearby districts, focusing to cover more than 20,000 students across 40+ schools. Toyota Hackathon activity will provide a platform for 11th – 12th graders to develop effective road safety solutions, for the academic year 2023-24, the program will cover youths from the existing TSEP implementing schools & pre-university colleges, targeting around 100 institutes, both from Bangalore and nearby districts.

Since its inception in 2017, the iCARE (I Community Action To Reach Everyone ) initiative has witnessed a resounding response, engaging over 1,760 employees in more than 28 diverse multifaceted endeavours. These initiatives span across areas like Education, Environment, Road Safety, Skill Development, Disaster Management, and aiding special children. This collaborative effort has facilitated profound experiences, making a positive impact on the lives of both employees and over 63,150 community members. This initiative epitomizes TKM's vision of empowering and motivating its workforce to actively participate in initiatives that underscore their dedication to uplifting communities through meaningful actions.

Photo caption - TKM successfully conducts its 29th iCARE Initiative at  Government High School, Kengeri.

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