Monday, January 29, 2024

The Pant Project Retail Expansion Across Bengaluru

* One of India’s fastest growing D2C brands opens second store after the stupendous success of the first store at Mumbai

Having spent the first three years of its existence as a digital-only business, The Pant Project, in partnership with Litestore, recently opened its second physical retail store in the bustling, vibrant neighbourhood of Jayanagar in Bengaluru.  

The brand was founded in 2020. And with changing times, decided to venture into a brick and mortar store. “The Pant Project’s  decision to open a physical store is a smart business decision and is a direct reaction to customer requests for a place to touch, see, and try on a wide variety of fabrics, designs, patterns, and colours,” says Dhruv Toshniwal, founder of The Pant Project. With more than 250 different bottom wear styles, including formals, chinos, cargos, jeans, joggers, shorts and more, the company offers both ready-to-wear and custom-made trousers for men and women.

The degree of ease, elegance, and innovation that customers have encountered when purchasing the brand online is the foundation around which their expectations of the in-store experience are built. “Even though a lot of people still prefer to shop online, The Pant Project is planning to increase its omni channel presence in India because it knows how important it is to have a physical presence too”, adds Udit Toshniwal, Co-founder.

The Brand offers unique Pants for every occasion, explore the Bengaluru store where customers can explore the unique features like the all-weather essentials which visitors can spray and test for water repellency or the ripstop pants which customers can test for tear strength.

Building trust and reinforcing the brand's dedication to providing outstanding quality is the main aim of TPP, and the exceptional quality will be delivered by face-to-face interactions with trained stylists. A network of brick-and-mortar establishments that foster community and provide exceptional customer service is the goal of the The Pant Project.

The first store's success has prompted the brand to consider opening additional locations in various cities across India, and Bengaluru will pave the path for many more such stores across the country.

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