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Tata CLiQ Luxury Launches The ReLoved Store For Timeless And Authentic Pre-Owned Products

~To begin with, the platform has onboarded its first partner, Jay’s Watch Store, to offer iconic and rare pre-owned timepieces from renowned global luxury watch brands like Rolex, Omega, and more~

Tata CLiQ Luxury, India’s premier luxury lifestyle platform, forays into the pre-owned category with the launch of the ReLoved Store by bringing onboard its first partner, Jay’s Watch Store. A testament to timeless elegance, craftsmanship, and the enduring appeal of luxury, the ReLoved Store on the platform serves as a trusted guide as it encourages consumers to choose consciously by offering a curated selection of rare pre-owned timepieces from renowned brands known for their artistry and heritage such as Rolex, Omega, and more.

The pre-owned category is a growing segment in the country that is being driven by consumers' desire to own rare and unique products and be more sustainable in their purchases. In addition, with the growing influence of western fashion trends and the rise of disposable income, consumers are looking at buying exclusive pieces that are easily available. Given the opportunity this segment offers, the platform has launched the ReLoved Store by brining on board its first partner, Jay’s Watch Store which is a leading destination for pre-owned luxury watches known for its collection of top-tier timepieces that have been thoroughly vetted by its in-house experts. The ReLoved Store will offer a wide range of vintage, limited-edition pieces that are in high demand from the most sought-after luxury brands on the platform and that will appeal to seasoned collectors and first-time buyers.

The store encourages consumers to 'Relove Timeless Treasures’ as it invites them to discover and explore the stories of each product. In addition to the authenticity certificate from Jay’s Watch Store, which verifies the watches through invoices, past ownership history, and client information, the platform offers an elevated and seamless experience for consumers, which includes assisted selling, a dedicated customer service where experts can address product-related queries and guide consumers in their purchases. Each timepiece will also have a ‘know your watch’ section on the store, which will explain the product condition.

Commenting on the launch, Gopal Asthana, CEO, Tata CLiQ, said, "We are elated to launch a new category with the ReLoved Store, a one-stop destination for vintage and pre-owned luxury products. It heralds a transformative shift in the dynamics of luxury consumption, fuelled predominantly by the conscientious choices of today's discerning consumers. Pre-owned luxury finds acceptance among them as an ecologically responsible way to shop. We are expecting a positive response to the store and are also looking forward to expanding our assortment in the pre-owned segment by onboarding other partners and introducing products from different categories in the coming months. We are committed to delivering an elevated online shopping experience by offering consumers a curated and exquisite range of products that caters to their evolving needs and requirements, thus solidifying our position as a front-runner in the realm of pre-owned luxury”

Adding to it, Jay Makhijani, Founder, Jay’s Watch Store, said, “It is indeed an honour that Tata CLiQ Luxury is beginning its ReLoved store journey with Jay’s Watch Store. There is a huge demand globally for pre-owned luxury timepieces, and it is gradually catching up in India as well. At Jay’s Watch Store, we have an extensive assortment of pre-owned timepieces from the world’s most coveted brands. We are excited to partner with Tata CLiQ Luxury to make these timepieces accessible to watch enthusiasts and connoisseurs across the country. These pre-owned timepieces have gone through several quality checks, and we also offer an authenticity certificate. We look forward to a fruitful partnership."

The ReLoved store transcends the conventional notion of a mere store as it encapsulates a lifestyle, a promise, a philosophy, and an immersive experience. It emphasises Tata CLiQ Luxury’s commitment to redefining luxury while embracing sustainability by serving as a trusted platform for authenticated luxury that maximises the lifecycle of the product.

Come, embrace the history, craftsmanship, and beauty of these ReLoved timeless treasures only on Tata CLiQ Luxury - https://luxury.tatacliq.com/relovedstore

About Tata CLiQLuxury:

Redefining the term luxury in India – one that reflects the flawless values of thoughtfulness, authenticity, timeliness, and quality – Tata CLiQ Luxury embraces the principles of the Slow Commerce brand philosophy to enhance consumers’ online luxury shopping experience. Here, the attention shifts to finer details, craftsmanship, heritage, and the tranquillity and value of an experience, where browsing is a delight and quality are nurtured. 

As India’s premier luxury lifestyle platform, Tata CLiQ Luxury offers premium & luxury brands across a range of categories, including Accessories, Apparel, Beauty & Fragrances, Fashion, Gourmet, Handbags, Home, Sneakers & Footwear, Stationery, and Watches. The platform delivers an unparalleled shopping experience through careful curation of brands, thoughtfully developed brand stores, luxury delivery and unboxing experiences designed to bring luxury shopping to the customer's doorstep, and personalized privilege programs, managed by attentive relationship managers. 

Tata CLiQ Luxury is committed to responsible business practices. In an endeavour to support our green goals, the circular packaging program allows customers to return their empty packaging boxes after their purchase is received, thereby enabling the brand to recover, refurbish, and reuse them. 

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