Saturday, January 20, 2024

ELGi Harnesses 63 Years Of Compressed Air Excellence To Fly The Indian Flag High Ahead Of 75th Republic Day

* Technology innovation and a spirit of resilience converge to ensure the Indian national flag flies majestically in low-wind conditions.

Elgi Equipments (BSE: 522074 NSE: ELGIEQUIP), one of the world’s leading air compressor manufacturers, has successfully developed a technology solution capable of delivering air at adequate volume and pressure to sustain the flying of a flag during periods of low wind speed.

When a national flag flies, it evokes a lot of emotion. However, sometimes, when the wind is less, flags droop. "Project Tiranga" at ELGi, conceptualized to ensure that the national flag flew high, was initiated with an enterprise-wide innovation challenge that yielded promising concepts, each leveraging ELGi’s expertise in compressed air technology. A team of ELGians from operations and technology demonstrated unwavering dedication to the mission, and a breakthrough solution finally emerged after rigorous testing and validation, reflecting the resilience and expertise ingrained in ELGi's ethos. The solution comprised a mechanical system that lifted the flag using blowers, a swivel mechanism to align the fan modules with the wind's direction and speed, and a designed rope guide system that allowed the flag to be raised and lowered smoothly through the modules. Integrating the above concepts—lifting fans, the swivel mechanism, and the flag-raising and lowering systems—into a custom-made flag mast measuring 110 feet enabled the flag to fly majestically despite periods of low wind speed. Today, the module stands ready to showcase the grandeur of any flag in the absence of natural wind at the ELGi Air Center Plant in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu.

Dr. Jairam Varadaraj, Managing Director, Elgi Equipments Limited, commented, "ELGi remains committed to finding innovative solutions to complex challenges. Technology is the cornerstone for our engineering products as we strive towards consistently delivering customer satisfaction through multiple initiatives that help us define ourselves as disruptors and not followers of global industry standards. Project Tiranga was no easy task, and there were several hindrances along the way. Nevertheless, in line with our culture of innovation and long-term thinking, we collaboratively drew on our knowledge and experience in compressed air systems to go above and beyond and contribute to a matter of national pride."

For over 60 years, ELGi's pioneering products and compressed air solutions have served various applications across industries ranging from manufacturing to food and beverage, construction, pharmaceuticals, and textiles in over 120 countries. Powering a 400+ product-strong portfolio, ELGi's state-of-the-art global manufacturing facilities, spanning three continents, are committed to carbon neutrality, water conservation, and circular waste management.

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