Tuesday, January 16, 2024

Freyr Energy's 2020 Solar Installation At Plastic Manufacturer Pays Off Within 3 Years And Helps Cut Down 430 Tons Of Carbon Emissions

~ Eliminating 430 tons CO2 annually is equivalent to planting 4,917 trees per year. 

~ The transition to solar power was facilitated by city-based solar power solutions firm Freyr Energy. 

Telangana-based Bhavika Plastek, a key player in the plastic manufacturing industry, has cut down on annual carbon emissions by 430 tons following its successful transition to solar power.  

In a strategic move towards sustainability, Bhavika Plastek Pvt. Ltd. made a significant environmental commitment in 2020 by installing a state-of-the-art 311 KW solar plant at its manufacturing facility in Hyderabad. The solar plant, generates 4.54 lakh units of clean electricity each year. It generates annual savings of INR 33 lakhs and has an environmental impact equivalent to planting 4,917 trees every year.  

“As our plastic manufacturing business expands, we're more aware of our environmental duty and that led us to consider our transition to solar energy. After careful consideration, we chose Freyr Energy for the installation of our solar energy plant owing to their professionalism and commitment to quality. This step not only aids in creating a greener future but also demonstrates our commitment to responsible business practices. Remarkably, this solar investment has already yielded its payback in three years.” Mr. Kameshwar Rao, Managing Director, Bhavika Plastek said.  

Saurabh Marda, Managing Director of Freyr Energy, expressed enthusiasm about contributing to Bhavika’s environmental initiative, stating, “We are delighted to be an integral part of Bhavika Plastek's journey towards environmental sustainability. Freyr Energy remains committed to playing a positive role in facilitating clean energy transitions for environmentally responsible organisations such as Bhavika Plastek.” 

Freyr Energy’s expertise continues to empower organisations to transition to clean energy seamlessly. This move not only aligns with joint environmental goals with clients seeking green energy to fuel their business operations but also sets a precedent for sustainable practices in the industry. 

About Freyr Energy 

Freyr Energy is India’s leading rooftop solar company that is helping homes and business transition to solar energy. We have digitised the entire customer journey from exploring to owning a solar system through their proprietary SunPro+ App. We make it a hassle-free experience for the customer by managing the entire process of designing, procuring, and installing rooftop solar systems using highest quality standards for the most optimal system performance. 

Freyr Energy has recently secured an equity investment of INR 58 Crores in around led by EDFI ElectriFI. Othe prominent investors are Schneider Electric Energy Asia Fund (SEEAA), Lotus Capital LLC, Maybright Ventures and VT Capital. 

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