Tuesday, January 16, 2024

GreenCell Mobility Deploys “150 Electric Buses In Ayodhya” To Ferry Over 2 Million Devotees

* Transforming Ayodhya into an Eco-Friendly Tourist Hub by saving over 600 Tonnes of Tailpipe Emissions per Month 

GreenCell Mobility, a pioneering electric mobility solutions provider, is proud to announce that the Director of Urban Transport selected Greencell Mobility as a partner to deploy 150 intra-city electric buses to Ayodhya for the momentous Ram Mandir consecration ceremony. This fleet will play a crucial role in providing intra-city transportation service to an estimated 2 million devotees within Ayodhya from mid-January to end of February, including the day of the ceremony and the surrounding days, marking a significant period for pilgrims and believers.  

As a company at the forefront of sustainable transportation, GreenCell Mobility is honoured to provide its buses for hundreds of thousands of passengers in need of public transportation during this event where over 2.5 crore devotees are expected to visit the city till March’24, making Ayodhya an eco-friendly tourist hub! The use of these 150 electric buses is a testament to the commitment towards environmentally friendly solutions, significantly reducing carbon footprint by avoiding approximately over 600 tonnes of tailpipe emissions per month. These buses were flagged off in Ayodhya by Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister, Shree Yogi Adityanath ji on 14th January’24. 

Devndra Chawla, CEO & MD of GreenCell Mobility, stated, "We are humbled and excited to be part of Ayodhya becoming an eco-friendly tourist hub, as we deploy our buses in the city. Our mission has always been to promote sustainable transportation solutions, and the government's decision to utilize electric buses for this grand occasion aligns perfectly with our vision. It's not just about ferrying passengers; it's about being a part of a collective journey towards a cleaner and greener future." 

Use of electric buses during this event is a significant step towards promoting electric mobility in India and showcasing the practicality and efficiency of electric buses in managing large-scale public transport needs, especially during such significant cultural and religious events. 

GreenCell Mobility has deployed over 700 buses in UP, saving over 22,000 tonnes of tailpipe emissions annually. With these 150 buses in Ayodhya, GreenCell Mobility is looking forward to further strengthen the brand's partnership with the state and help to achieve its goals of electrifying public transport. 

About GreenCell Mobility Pvt. Ltd:  

GreenCell Mobility has been promoted by Eversource Capital, India’s leading climate impact investor. Eversource Capital is an equal joint venture between Everstone Group (www.everstonegroup.com), one of Asia’s premier investment manager with assets in excess of US$7 billion across private equity, sustainability and climate impact, logistics, digital and venture capital; and Lightsource bp, a global leader in development and management of solar energy projects.  

GreenCell is building a platform to provide Electric Mobility-as-a-Service (eMaaS), initially using electric buses and delivering the core value proposition of cheaper non-polluting on-demand shared transportation, charging infrastructure, and enabling products for the e-mobility value chain. For more information, please visit www.greencellmobility.com 

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