Friday, July 7, 2023

Government Sees Generative AI As Huge Opportunity, Says Abhishek Singh Of National e-Governance Division & Digital India Corporation

The Moneycontrol Startup Conclave hosted a panel discussion titled, ‘The Tipping Point: The AI Era’, which addressed India's challenges and opportunities in the age of the ever-evolving AI.

Speaking on generative AI, Pandurang Nayak, Head of Startups Solutions Architect, AWS India said, “Generative AI is the most transformative technology of our time. Machine learning and AI are at the forefront of Amazon for the last two decades.

Stating that tools like Sagemaker jumpstart to build generative AI, he added, “We have one of the largest ML services. There is continuous progress that we are making in the space. In the generative AI space, we are building infrastructure for those who want to build models.”

Sharing his views on the topic, Abhishek Singh, CEO, National e-Governance Division (NeGD) & Digital India Corporation (DIC) said, “The Government of India sees Generative AI as a huge opportunity specifically for providing access to services for Indians, such as voice-enabled services.

“We are data rich, which has led to the use of data in a lot of sectors, including agriculture. We have huge talent, but the challenge is in compute. If we provide access to compute to researchers it will greatly benefit them,” he added.

Elaborating on India’s AI opportunity, Vishal Dhupar, MD, Asia South, Nvidia said, “We are in the most interesting time. Our nation knows what the grand challenges are -- education, healthcare, and urban mobility. We know that the approach to that is AI. Never look at the rear-view in India, just the front.

Singh concluded his thoughts stating, “I dream of, and what my team is doing, is developing something that would enable any villager to put up a query in their mother tongue, and get the response in that language… We are experimenting with that with our Bhashini initiative.”

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