Saturday, July 8, 2023

TCIS Grade 7, 8 Students Learn About Agriculture At GKVK, Bangalore

Students from TCIS - Cambridge International School Whittled Bengaluru recently took a field trip to GKVK (Gandhi Krishi Vigyana Kendra), a university dedicated to agricultural research and education. The students, who are in grades 7 and 8, learned about different aspects of agriculture, including sericulture, biotechnology, and integrated farming.

At the Sericulture Department, students learned about the different stages of silk production, from raising silkworms to reeling the silk. They also visited a mulberry tree garden, where they saw how the silkworms feed on the leaves of the mulberry tree.

At the Biotechnology Department, students observed tissue culture media for tobacco plants, transgenic plant research work, and genetically modified plants such as Bt Cotton. They also learned about the benefits of using biotechnology in agriculture.

At the Integrated Farming Sector (IFS), students learned about drip irrigation, a modern method of irrigation that is more efficient than traditional methods. They also saw how IFS is used to grow a variety of crops, including vegetables, fruits, and cereals.

The field trip was a valuable learning experience for the students. They were able to see first-hand how agriculture is practiced and how biotechnology can be used to improve crop yields. They also learned about the importance of sustainable farming practices.

The management of TCIS thanked GKVK for hosting the field trip and providing the students with an opportunity to learn about agriculture. They said that the field trip was aligned with the biology syllabus of grades 7 and 8 and that it would help the students to improve their knowledge of agriculture.

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