Tuesday, July 4, 2023

Galderma Flagship Brand Cetaphil® Launches Its 2nd Annual Edition Of ‘Skin Awareness Month’; Aim To Empower Consumers With Confidence

~Introduces 'Hum Skin Ki Sune, Tum Dil ki Suno' campaign, empowering individuals with Sensitive Skin~

~Unveils the new product line ‘Cetaphil Optimal Hydration Range’~

Cetaphil, the #1 brand that dermatologists recommend for sensitive skin, hosts its second annual edition of ‘Skin Awareness Month (SAM)’. In sync with its brand campaign ‘'Hum Skin Ki Sune, Tum Dil ki Suno', the Global initiative aims to provide its consumers with accessible resources to educate & empower to do more of the things they love without uncertainty. The campaign’s thought resonates with the brand’s beliefs talking about how Confidence begins with Healthy Skin. The digital film is live across all social media platforms and TVC including OTT platforms.

Research states that sensitive skin issues are common and individuals over 1 in 3 Indians are affected. Cetaphil’s commitment to develop innovative, science-backed products over the last 75 years strengthens its creation and is recommended as the sensitive skin specialist. In line with the brand’s ethos, Cetaphil launched its new product range ‘Cetaphil Optimal Hydration’ offering lightweight and intense hydration.

Raghavendra Sadashiva Managing Director – India at Cetaphil says, "We are pleased to introduce ‘SAM: Skin Awareness Month’ as a significant initiative to raise awareness amongst consumers. Our idea is to assist them identify their skin concerns by providing solution-oriented products backed by Cetaphil’s science-based technology. The month-long campaign offers our sensitive skin community education and resources, empowering consumers to create a skincare routine tailored to their specific needs while still having fun.”

An on-ground event was hosted by Galderma’s flagship brand Cetaphil® and Biluma in attendance of renowned Dermatologist, Bloggers, and Influencers sharing knowledge and insights on the Science behind Sensitive Skin. The discussion by experts addressed on a wealth of unique skin troubles faced by consumers talking about how Confidence starts with your skin. Further, enlightening subjects on skin’s circadian rhythm and hyperpigmentation, how one can embrace a minimalistic skincare routine to help maintain a healthy and confident features. Galderma partnered with Social Influencers to create awareness about this initiative in turn helps to empower their community to follow a healthy Skin routine and live their life with Confidence.

Throughout the month, Cetaphil pledges to educate and engage content across markets to emphasize skin issues to help consumers understand, identify, protect, and care for sensitive skin. The consumers will be provided firsthand experience with informative videos showcasing the know-how of Cetaphil products, it’s designs which are specifically curated keeping in mind the sensitive skin concerns. This will allow them to focus on what they love most without stressing about their skin.

Join Cetaphil in celebrating the success of Skin Awareness Month and embrace your sensitive skin with newfound confidence.

TVC link: Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser campaign- Hum Skin Ki Sune, Tum Dil ki Suno

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