Wednesday, December 20, 2023

Sensorise And Niral Networks Launch Sensorise QoSim For Individuals And Organizations

·         Enabling seamless navigation across both public and private networks using a single eSIM

·         Sensorise's QoSim™ Omni introduces an invaluable tool for individuals and organizations, while Niral Networks extends its reach to a broader spectrum of users

Sensorise - A Rosmerta Group Company, and Niral Networks, today announced a strategic partnership, that promises to redefine the future of 5G connectivity, offering unparalleled convenience to consumers and businesses alike.

In a modern world that demands uninterrupted connectivity, both in public and private networks, the collaboration between Sensorise and Niral Networks introduces Sensorise QoSim™ Omni, an innovative SIM card that allows users to seamlessly switch between public 5G networks and Niral's Private 5G and Edge Solutions, delivering a fusion of global connectivity and secure networks.

Sensorise, renowned for delivering cutting-edge solutions in the IoT/M2M sector, introduces Sensorise QoSim™ Omni, an invaluable tool for individuals and organizations, while Niral Networks, a leader in advanced Private 5G and Edge Solutions, extends its reach to a broader spectrum of users, bridging the gap between private network reliability and public 5G coverage.

"As we witness the growing significance of 5G and beyond, our partnership with Niral Networks and the launch of Sensorise QoSim™ Omni holds immense potential for private 5G use-cases. We look forward to expanding our presence in the 5G space," said Karn Nagpal, President of Rosmerta Group.

"We embark on this transformative journey with Sensorise, to build bridges between public and private networks, unlocking the potential of 5G technology. This partnership is not just about collaboration; it's about creating a seamless, efficient and innovative experience for our clients and users as they move between Enterprise 5G and Public 5G Networks. The future of Enterprise 5G connectivity is bright, and we are excited to be at the forefront of this digital revolution."~ Abhijit Chaudhary, Founder & CEO at Niral Networks.

This innovative collaboration is set to disrupt the telecommunications landscape, powering multiple private 5G use-cases in Manufacturing, Smart Cities, Smart Retail, and more. As Sensorise QoSim™ Omni prepares for its global debut, the world eagerly anticipates a future of limitless and seamless connectivity.

The partnership between Sensorise - A Rosmerta Group Company and Niral Networks is driven by a set of strategic objectives aimed at enhancing the 5G connectivity experience. These objectives include enabling a seamless transition between public and private networks, ensuring uninterrupted high-quality connectivity, simplifying network management, and fostering innovation. This collaboration seeks to provide users with a unified, efficient, and innovative 5G experience that eliminates common connectivity challenges while pushing the boundaries of technology.

The partnership between Sensorise and Niral Networks is a testament to how two companies can significantly complement each other. Their strengths lie in various areas, and when combined, they create a comprehensive offering that benefits consumers, businesses, and the telecommunications industry as a whole:

·         Sensorise's QoSim™ Omni Technology: Sensorise has developed a revolutionary QoSim™  Omni card that brings new dimensions to network quality and connectivity management. This technology optimizes network performance and is ideal for ensuring a seamless transition between different networks.

·         Niral Networks' 5G Expertise: Niral Networks is a pioneer in 5G technology and private network solutions. They have extensive experience in developing and deploying private 5G networks for various industries, making them an ideal partner to harness Sensorise's QoSim™ Omni card technology.

·         Simplified Connectivity: Sensorise's QoSim™ Omni card simplifies the way users connect and stay connected. Niral Networks' solutions extend this simplicity into private 5G networks, offering an integrated solution for businesses and individuals.

Innovation and R&D: Both companies are deeply committed to research and development, making the collaboration a fertile ground for future innovation and the creation of new, game-changing technologies.By pooling their expertise and resources, Sensorise and Niral Networks intend to reshape the telecommunications landscape, offering users an unparalleled level of connectivity, efficiency, and convenience. The partnership creates a win-win scenario where both companies are stronger together than they are apart, and their collaboration is set to define the future of 5G connectivity.

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