Thursday, December 21, 2023

Venus Remedies’ R3SET Takes Strategic Leap Into Wellness With Holistic Health Innovations

*  The company has unveiled a significant transformation of its consumer healthcare division, R3SET, marking a strategic foray into the wellness arena

*  This expansion brings to the forefront a diverse range of products tailored to meet a spectrum of healthcare and wellness needs, including pain relief, mental well-being, restful sleep and detoxification

Venus Remedies Limited, a pioneer in pharmaceutical R&D, today unveiled a significant transformation of its consumer healthcare division, R3SET. This strategic pivot marks R3SET's foray into the wellness arena, coupled with the expansion of its pain management portfolio, showcasing the company's holistic approach to wellness solutions.

According to recent data from Euromonitor, the Indian Consumer Healthcare market was valued at Rs 42,392 crore in 2023 and is projected to grow by a 4-5% CAGR till 2028.

“R3SET's entry into the wellness domain is not just an expansion; it's a reflection of our ethos that wellness should be an intrinsic part of everyday life. Our products and brand identity are designed to nurture wellness as a daily ritual, seamlessly fitting into the consumer's lifestyle,” stated Mr. Saransh Chaudhary, President, Consumer Healthcare, Venus Remedies Limited. “This strategic move is a testament to our commitment to making wellness an accessible, everyday experience for our consumers,” he added.

The launch of R3SET Detox Candies, crafted with a blend of natural herbs such as Kalmegh, Punarnava, Daru Haldi, Manjistha, and Guduchi, positions the brand at the forefront of the wellness journey. These candies serve as effective liver detoxifiers and stress relievers, offering consumers a 'Dose of Good' with each bite. Available in two convenient packaging options – a 30-candy box and a 60-candy box – they cater to the growing demand for healthy products.

Simultaneously, R3SET is fortifying its pain-management portfolio with the introduction of the R3SET Ultra Potent Gel. This advanced gel, filled in a strikingly luxurious ceramic jar in 100g packing with twice the effectiveness of its predecessor, reflects R3SET's commitment to delivering long-term healing solutions for body pain management. Wanting the users to sustainably use and not throw away the jar, the brand will be launching a 300g refill option for the R3SET Ultra Potent Gel, providing customers with a convenient and cost-effective way to replenish their supply, giving back a “Dose of Good” to the planet at the same time.

The brand’s comprehensive pain-reliever product range, including gels, emulsions, sprays and tablets, incorporates natural enhancements and nano-tech formulations, showcasing the fusion of cutting-edge technology with the power of natural painkillers.

R3SET's commitment extends to environmental stewardship, featuring eco-friendly packaging and collaborations with Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)-certified vendors. The innovative edge of R3SET's products, rooted in Venus Medicine Research Centre’s extensive research and development, differentiates the brand in the competitive D2C wellness landscape.

R3SET’s strategic shift, bolstered by a transformative rebranding initiative, demonstrates the brand’s dedication to becoming a key player in the holistic healthcare and wellness sector. Along with the refreshed product portfolio, the brand unveiled its new identity, designed to deliver a profound “Dose of Good” at every stage of a consumer’s interaction with the brand, be it through the website, social media, product packaging or the product itself. The rebranding aims to cultivate a community where wellness is seamlessly integrated into daily life.

“R3SET is dedicated to building a community where wellness is an integral part of daily life. Our philosophy is deeply embedded in our new identity, encouraging everyone to pursue a lifestyle centered around health, happiness and holistic wellness” said Mr. Chaudhary.

About R3SET

An umbrella brand representing the Consumer Healthcare Division of Venus Remedies, R3SET is a pioneer in holistic wellness that addresses a wide spectrum of wellness needs encompassing pain relief, mental wellness, sleep quality, detoxification and more. Epitomising three “Rs”—Relief, Restore and Revive—R3SET is rooted in Venus Medicine Research Centre’s extensive R&D, which differentiates it in the competitive D2C wellness landscape.

About Venus Remedies

Panchkula-based Venus Remedies Ltd (NSE: VENUSREM, BSE: 526953) is among the 10-leading fixed-dosage injectable manufacturers in the world. Having a commercial presence in 70+ countries with a portfolio of 75 products spread over Europe, Australia, Africa, Asia-Pacific, Commonwealth States, the Middle East, Latin America and the Caribbean region, the company has nine globally benchmarked facilities in Panchkula, Baddi and Werne (Germany), apart from 11 overseas marketing offices. Its manufacturing units are certified for ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 18001 and OHSAS. The company has also been approved by European- GMP, WHO-GMP and Latin American GMP (INVIMA), among others. Ranked 107th in Asia and among the world’s 500 largest pharmaceutical manufacturing companies, Venus Remedies has been granted more than 130 patents worldwide and having more than 125 registered trademarks and 25 copyrights for its innovative research products.

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