Thursday, December 21, 2023

BIMTECH Introduces Comprehensive Artificial Intelligence & Data Science (AI&DS) Course To Meet Growing Industry Demand

* BIMTECH to integrate AI and Data Science with management education with this 2-year full-time residential postgraduate management program

Global markets are witnessing a raise in demand of AI-trained professionals. Leading Indian IT companies have also lately made the decision to train more than 4 lakh workers for jobs involving AI. Understanding this industry need, Birla Institute of Management Technology (BIMTECH) has launched a “Two-year full-time Post Graduate Diploma in Management [PGDM] in Artificial Intelligence & Data Science.” The program aims to provide an amalgamation of artificial intelligence and data science technology with Management subjects in different domains, promote engagement between industry and academia at both national and international levels, and establish a group of Management professionals who possess a combination of technical expertise, analytical capabilities, and effective decision-making abilities.

This is a 24-month program. Students who successfully complete the PGDM will be qualified to work on cutting-edge AI projects in fields like finance, education, automotive, retail, entertainment, cybersecurity, and sustainable conservation along with other verticals such as managing financial portfolios, developing and deploying smart logistics systems and creating recommender systems for e-commerce etc using AI. AI is expected to be adopted by 75% of companies and is projected to lead to high churn, with 50% of organizations expecting it to drive job growth.

Dr. Harivansh Chaturvedi, Director, BIMTECH, said, “In India, demand for AI and Data Science professionals is expected to exceed 1 million by 2024, and there is currently a 51% gap between demand and supply for such professionals. Experts predict that by 2030, there will be a 31.4% increase in jobs related to Data Science and mathematical science, mostly AI-based.”

Prof. SS Dubey, Dean-Academics, BIMTECH, said, “By integrating AI and DS with management education, students will acquire a multifaceted skill set that transcends conventional boundaries. The fusion of these domains will empower learners to decipher complex data patterns, drive innovative strategies, and make informed data-driven decisions. This fusion is the key to staying ahead in a rapidly evolving landscape, positioning individuals as trailblazers capable of navigating the intricacies of tomorrow’s business world.”

The program's focus is to produce visionary leaders adept at utilizing AI-driven strategies to solve real-world business challenges. The program's comprehensive approach, integrating theoretical foundations with hands-on experience, ensures graduates possess the agility and expertise required to navigate the dynamic AI landscape.

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