Tuesday, December 19, 2023

Empowering Journeys - Tata Motors Cheers on the Growing Excitement Among Women Embracing Electric Vehicles

The increasing acceptance of electric vehicles in India is mirrored by a notable uptick in the preference for EVs among women buyers, showcasing a progressive shift in the automotive landscape. TATA.ev (Tata Motors) has played a pioneering role in the electric vehicle (EV) segment, driving widespread adoption through innovative advancements and a commitment to sustainable mobility. Tata Motors’ EV sales have consistently shown impressive year-on-year growth. In FY23, the Company sold more than 48,000 EVs, and they have already sold over 37,000 EVs in H1 of FY24. These figures indicate a growing demand for EVs as the market continues to mature and adoption barriers decrease.

The recent data, analytics, and customer feedback by TATA.ev shed light on the remarkable success and growing interest in EVs, driven by various factors that are reshaping the landscape of the automotive industry. Interestingly, approx. 22% of Tiago.ev buyers are women, which is twice the industry average for 4-wheelers. This trend continues to build strongly because of the modern features and enhanced comfort offered by an EV, making it a compelling value proposition.

Interesting trends by TATA.ev:

Key factors driving increased interest from women buyers in EVs include the innovative features and advancements in electric vehicle technology, coupled with the cost-effectiveness of running an EV, which have made them an attractive option for women seeking sustainable and modern transportation solutions.

In a noteworthy trend, 19% of women buyers of Tata Motors' electric vehicles are first-time car buyers. This indicates a growing market segment among women who are embracing the shift towards electric mobility for their initial automotive experience.

22% of the total EV buyers are women for Tata Motors; this figure showcases the inclusive appeal of Tata EVs, emphasizing that the benefits and features are resonating strongly with women consumers. The diverse range of Tata Motors' EVs, catering to various preferences and requirements, has played a pivotal role in achieving this commendable market share among women buyers.

Regional Trends in EV Sales: As per the sales trends, the top three regions with the highest EV penetration in overall sales are:

Kerala: Leading the charts with an impressive 35% of overall EV sales.

Goa: Following closely with a substantial contribution of 26% to the EV market.

Chandigarh: Securing the third position with a notable share of 21% in EV sales.

These regional trends underscore the widespread acceptance and popularity of Tata Motors' electric vehicles across diverse geographical locations.

TATA.ev remains committed to driving the future of sustainable mobility and is thrilled to witness the growing enthusiasm among women buyers for our electric vehicles. The success in this segment reflects the Company’s dedication to innovation, technology, and providing a greener and more accessible future for all.

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