Thursday, December 21, 2023

Platform 65 Hosts A Magical Christmas Celebration In All Locations

Platform 65 Restaurant, the largest toy train-themed restaurant in India, is delighted to announce an extended Christmas celebration, creating a magical experience for the community to revel in the holiday spirit. Starting on December 10, the restaurant has transformed its venue into a continuous winter wonderland, offering guests an ongoing experience filled with joy, festive decor, and delightful activities. All 11 branches of Platform 65 will be partaking in this grand celebration, ensuring the festive cheer of Christmas is embraced in each location.

As part of the ongoing celebration, Platform 65 invites guests to immerse themselves in the holiday ambience with a festive selfie frame and a beautifully decorated Christmas tree, adorned with charming ornaments such as Christmas stars, which serve as the centrepiece of the venue.

Throughout the ongoing celebration, the dedicated team at Platform 65 will be dressed in Christmas-themed attire with Christmas caps, embodying the spirit of the season. It also includes a Christmas drawing contest for kids, and a series of entertaining activities, with the popular Secret Santa taking centre stage. Guests can look forward to the continuous distribution of carefully selected gifts, fostering an atmosphere of joy and excitement. Under the expert guidance of Mr. Srikanth Bandaru, the Corporate General Manager at Platform 65, these initiatives at all the branches continue to spread the spirit of joy and excitement throughout the season.

Sadgun Patha, Managing Director and Founder of Platform 65 “Platform 65 stands as a culinary station where the magic of Christmas is served on every plate. Our ongoing celebration is an invitation for families, friends, and food enthusiasts to gather, dine, and make lasting memories together."

Mr. Venkatesh, Vice President of Platform 65 said, "Platform 65 is not just a dining experience; it's a festive destination where every meal is a celebration, and every guest is part of our joyous culinary journey. Join us this Christmas for an unforgettable ride filled with laughter, flavours, and the spirit of the season."

Platform 65 is committed to offering an extended period of festive joy, where families and friends can come together to create lasting memories. The combination of ongoing festive decorations, a dedicated and joyful staff, and engaging activities promises to make this Christmas celebration an enduring and special experience for all. 

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