Monday, December 18, 2023

Milind Soman Achieves Success In A 200-Kilometer EV Expedition As Part Of Green Ride 3.0 Riding The TVS iQube Electric

In a notable achievement for sustainable mobility, Milind Soman, India's fitness icon, concluded a 200-kilometer electric vehicle (EV) expedition in Bengaluru. This significant milestone is part of the Green Ride 3.0 initiative, aimed at promoting eco-friendly transportation and reducing carbon footprint to combat pollution.

Milind, an advocate for healthier and environmentally conscious living, chose the TVS iQube Electric for this ride, symbolizing the importance of adopting clean and wise commuting alternatives in urban spaces.

As part of the broader Green Ride 3.0 initiative, Milind initially embarked on a cycling journey on Lifelong Cycles from Pune on December 11th, making his way to Vadodara with a planned stopover in Mumbai & Surat, he also covered a total of 200 kilometers on the TVS iQube Electric and concluded the initiative in Bengaluru, emphasizing the versatility and eco-friendliness of electric mobility.

Milind Soman, the fitness icon, shared his excitement, saying, "Choosing the TVS iQube Electric for this EV expedition is a conscious step towards advocating cleaner and smarter commuting options. Let this journey inspire others to make eco-friendly choices, contributing to a healthier planet.”

The Green Ride 3.0 spanned various cities, navigating through diverse terrains to symbolize the collective endeavour required for a healthier planet. Milind Soman, extends an open invitation to all to become part of this movement, advocating for fitness, environmental consciousness, and the relentless pursuit of a healthier, sustainable future.

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