Wednesday, September 27, 2023

UST Invests In Leading Retail Supply Chain Innovator Bricz

* Both companies positioned to collaborate and deliver greater success guiding digital transformation in the retail sector

UST, a leading digital solutions company, has increased its involvement in the dynamic retail technology market by investing in global supply chain leader Bricz. This strengthened relationship positions both companies for long term success and will empower the two dynamic innovators to better meet emerging client needs. The investment allows UST to offer greater support for the configuration and implementation of strategic supply chain applications in critical areas such as warehouse management, transportation management and omnichannel commerce.

The collaboration will allow UST to further develop its supply chain capabilities to meet the evolving needs of its growing customer base while assisting Bricz’s efforts to grow at scale and expand relationships with retailers. The two companies will be empowered to expand involvement in the supply chain consulting landscape and to offer additional supply chain-oriented solutions. The growing relationship between UST and Bricz allows each company to leverage its strengths to build powerful solutions for full lifecycle digital transformations, offering both the depth and the scale required for successful supply chain innovation in a post-pandemic business climate.

Together, UST and Bricz will help customers navigate supply chain transformations, providing comprehensive guidance in areas including process improvement, technology enablement, predictive fulfilment and optimization. Leveraging deep solution design and expertise in supply chain planning, execution and robotics, UST and Bricz will collaborate to help end customers accelerate project results.

“UST is committed to guiding successful digital transformation and as we expand operations in the retail sector, we sought out a partner that was focused on supply chain transformations. We are excited about expanding our relationship with Bricz and collaborating with a promising partner that is well positioned to help accelerate our digital transformation efforts for retail customers as we modernize data, processes and technology for supply chains,” said Jonathan Colehower, Global Supply chain Strategy Practice Lead, UST.

“UST’s commitment to Bricz is a clear indication that we are on the right path to serving our market and delivering innovative supply chain solutions for our customers. The partnership with UST will allow Bricz to quickly scale our offerings and deliver on our vision for the future of supply chain management”, said Ram Gopalakrishnan, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Bricz.

About Bricz

Bricz is a leading provider of supply chain services supporting retailers, distributors, and 3PLS, all while backed by a mission to create exceptional customer experiences. With extensive experience and expertise across supply chain systems, operations, technology, and integration, Bricz delivers outstanding value to customers across their supply chain every day. Founded in 2014, Bricz has experienced tremendous growth and now fields a global team of over 100 professionals across three countries, supporting hundreds of customers around the globe.  Everything we do is laser-focused on driving supply chain excellence. Visit us at

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