Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Innovative Technology For Sustainability In Coffee Production At World Coffee Conference & Expo (WCC) 2023

* Scalene Livprotec brings next-generation bioenergy and wastewater technology to World Coffee Conference & Expo (WCC) 2023

The popularity and consumption of coffee is growing rapidly as a beverage and it is one of most important commodities today. However, the production of coffee globally generates an immense environmental footprint, affecting our water, energy, air and soil. The resource intensive processes involved in various stages, such as peeling, soaking, dryin generate organic waste. create wastewater, and release emissions. As the world pushes towards net zero, current technologies are unable to adequately process the organic waste and treat wastewater in a sustainable manner. This shall eventually impact the environment adversely impacting the production and economics of coffee.

To foster sustainability in coffee, Scalene Livprotec brings next generation bioenergy and wastewater technology to coffee production. Our uniquely automated, paradigm-altering inventions create lower operational costs that allow for profitability and stop environmental damage. Our integrated technology solution, comprising of SERIGAS (Bioenergy) and Aquatron (water recovery) have already been successfully implemented at Bombay Burmah Trading for years. These technologies can advance coffee industry to the next level of sustainability.

Transform Coffee Waste into Energy

The biomass generated from the production process (coffee pulp, husks, and more) can be transformed into a source of bioenergy with our SERIGAS technology. It is an organic biomethane system that transforms lignocellulosic biomass into grid grade renewable natural gas with 97% methane, as well as other commercially viable products such as high NPK plant nutrient (SERILISER) and high Alkaloid Pest Repellent (SERIPEST).  

Speaking on the occasion of Livprotec’s participation at the WCC 2023, the inventor Dr. Rajah Vijay Kumar explained “ Our technology uses a unique proprietary (Microbe Incubated Bio-Reaction) MIBR Reactor Technology, built along the principles of biomimicry, mimicking how natural gas is produced under earth’s surface. We offer many innovations like CO2 rebreather, specialised bacteria cultures, bio-rings, Bio-SCADA and NPK fixation reactors to ensure consistent quality and highest yield with minimal cost and complexity of operation.”

Recover pure water from coffee mucilage

The effluent generated from de-pulping, washing-related processes and fermenting can be reused through Aquatron. It is a one-stop patented water recovery technology that utilizes precise frequencies of dissociation to remove impurities from water in their elemental form to provide drinking standard water. Apart from coffee effluent Aquatron is a one-stop solution across WTP, STP, ETP and Desalination needs. Aquatron allows for compliance with environmental norms, mitigating the risk of penalties and closures for the industry. It significantly lowers water footprints, uses lower land and energy resources and enable a circular economy of water, allowing the reuse of water in the coffee production process.

On the occasion of Livprotec’s participation at the WCC 2023, Dr. Rajesh Bhat, President - Energy and Water, affirmed “Aquatron is a patented technology for water recovery that achieves Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) and Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals (ZDHC) without the need for chemical or biological processes, Reverse Osmosis (RO), Evaporator technology. It recovers water to drinking water standard without generation of toxic sludge at a low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).”

As businesses continue to energise the world with coffee, SERIGAS and Aquatron can energise coffee businesses and enable a circular economy of energy and water for a sustainable coffee future.

To witness these revolutionary technologies, join us at World Coffee Conference & Expo (WCC) 2023 from 26th-28th September at Bengaluru Palace (S89, 90).

About Us

Scalene Livprotec is a technology innovations company, focused on arriving at breakthrough solutions in the areas of sustainability, healthcare and safety. With an inventions-first approach, all our next generation technologies in wastewater, drinking water, bioenergy, healthcare, safety and advanced materials have one singular objective - to solve what current technologies fail to do.

Our solutions and integrated business models uniquely tackle today’s complex challenges with unthinkable efficacy and safety. Our technology for water, air and energy minimises adverse environmental impact while enhancing an organisation’s need for profitability. All thanks to the use of high levels of automation that leads to minimal operational cost. 

Backed by three decades of research, the solutions are a result of the application of  biomimicry that replicates the sophistication of the science at work in nature, natural processes and materials.  We are all about paradigm shifts for you, your business and our planet and not mere incremental improvements. 

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