Tuesday, September 26, 2023

On Expansion Mode, Enbio Penetrates Into Karnataka Market With The World’s Fastest B Class Autoclave Sterilizers

·         At the Expodent Expo in Bengaluru, Enbio received a robust response to its B-Class Autoclaves, signifying rising demand and concerns about infection control in the Southern region

Enbio AG, a global leader in autoclave sterilizers, has set its sights on the Indian healthcare market. On September 23-24, 2023, Enbio showcased its state-of-the-art Swiss-designed sterilisation technology at the Expodent Expo here. Targeting Karnataka and neighboring markets, Enbio showcased its innovative and compact portable B Class autoclaves, capable of sterilizing microsurgical instruments within an astonishing 7-9 minutes. Enbio received a tremendous response to its B-Class Autoclaves at the Expo here and also made it convenient for many healthcare facilities and professionals especially dentists across South of India to witness revolutionary technology. The robust response from health professionals signifies the rising demand and concerns about infection control in the southern region also.

Enbio has outlined an ambitious plan to capture a substantial market share in India and at Exponent it unveiled its plan, particularly for the southern region. Enbio is already establishing a strong presence in major Indian metro cities, ensuring that its cutting-edge products, including the compact portable feature, are readily available to a wide range of healthcare facilities, not only in Bengaluru but also across southern region of India. 

Ms. Karolina Matracka, the Global Sales and Marketing Director at Enbio Group AG, said, "Our ongoing efforts involve the active expansion of our sales and service network across the entire nation, encompassing the Karnataka region. This strategic initiative is designed to ensure that we deliver extensive coverage and support to our customers. Through these expansion strategies, Enbio is committed to enhancing its presence within the Indian autoclave market and meeting the rising demand for swift, efficient, and dependable sterilization solutions."

Enbio, as a key player in this market, has leveraged its expertise to offer innovative autoclave technologies and services. Enbio's B Class autoclave sterilizers are designed to address the pressing issue of nosocomial infections, providing flash sterilization cycles that significantly reduce sterilization time. This enables healthcare professionals, including those in Karnataka and nearby regions, to respond swiftly during critical moments, facilitating emergency surgeries without unnecessary delays and ultimately improving patient outcomes and safety.

Mr. Prashant Arer, India Head of Enbio, underpins the importance of fast, efficient, and reliable autoclaves in the Indian healthcare sector, especially for users of micro-surgical instruments such as dentists and ophthalmologists in the Karnataka region.

"Doctors do face challenges during emergencies when they have to wait for sterilized instruments, potentially causing delays in critical surgeries. Enbio's autoclaves are designed to be fast, affordable, quality-certified, portable, swift, silent, and easy to use, addressing these critical needs," highlighted Mr Prashan Arer.

Designed in Switzerland, Enbio’s autoclaves incorporate digital displays, touchscreens, and programmable settings to reduce the likelihood of human error and ensure optimal sterilization conditions. Additionally, Enbio's autoclaves utilize advanced alloys and materials, enhancing their durability and resistance to corrosion, resulting in longer service life and reduced maintenance requirements. Moreover, Enbio autoclaves come equipped with improved safety features, including automatic pressure release mechanisms and door-locking systems that prevent accidental opening during operation.

Compared to typical class/vacuum autoclaves, Enbio's sterilizers are up to six times smaller and three times lighter, while maintaining exceptional work efficiency. In emergency situations, Enbio can sterilize unwrapped instruments for immediate use in just 7 minutes, providing healthcare professionals in the region with essential tools when urgently needed.

With its unmatched combination of speed, efficiency, safety, and affordability, Enbio is poised to revolutionize the sterilization landscape in Karnataka and across India, making a significant impact on the Indian healthcare sector.

Profile Enbio Group AG

Enbio, a Swiss medical autoclave manufacturer, is part of a global capital group with a total turnover exceeding 200 million euros annually. Enbio DNA originates from over 30 years of experience in biotechnology and industrial hydroponics, where the quality of sterilization is a critical success factor. Enbio Group AG understands the critical role that sterilization quality plays in the success of its products. Designed in Switzerland, Enbio products are created from the ground up, by its in-house team of industrial designers, structural engineers, and software developers, constantly playing between the laws of physics and the impossible. Its expanding worldwide distribution network is supported by logistics and service centers located in Europe and the United States. The company also plans to set up a logistics center in Mumbai, India in the coming years.  Enbio Group has been making significant strides in entering the Indian Healthcare Markets with its innovative range of autoclaves. Notably, they offer the world's fastest B Class Autoclaves, alongside other cutting-edge products such as the Enbio Pro and Enbio S autoclaves.

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