Monday, June 26, 2023

TKM Conducts Tree Plantation Drive Towards Nature Conservation, Through Its Employee Volunteering Program (iCARE)

* iCARE (I, Community Action To Reach Everyone) brings the employees together to reverse the effects of deforestation and contribute towards creating a greener and sustainable environment

Continuing its month-long observance of Toyota Environment Month, Toyota Kirloskar Motor (TKM) today announced its 26th iCARE environmental activity, an employee-driven initiative. A plantation drive near Madapura gate (closer to Ramdevara Betta in Ramanagara District of Karnataka State), a renowned location recognized as the only Vulture Sanctuary in India. This important occasion was graced by esteemed Member of Legislative Assembly, Mr. H. A. Iqbal Hussain and Deputy Conservator of Forests, Mr. Devaraju V, in the presence of the Country Head and Executive Vice President – Mr. Vikram Gulati, Toyota Kirloskar Motor and Mr. G. Shankara, Senior Vice President & CHRO, Toyota Kirloskar Motor. The event marked a significant milestone in TKM's ongoing efforts to create a greener future and make a positive impact on society.

Ramdevara Betta has been facing challenges related to degradation, threatening its scenic landscape and biodiversity. In collaboration with the Forest Department of Ramanagara, TKM took up the responsibility of enhancing the green cover in this region, planting a total of 250 native saplings, ranging in height from 4 to 6 feet. To enhance the survival rate of the saplings, mulching techniques were employed during the plantation process. The day saw over 325 volunteers participate in the event.

Needless to mention, Toyota’s iconic Hilux renowned for its unique 4x4 capabilities, manoeuvring through the hilly region near Ramdevara Betta, enabled to mobilise the plant saplings as well the essential tools & equipment required to successfully complete the reforestation activity.

In line with Toyota's Global Environmental Challenges 2050, this notable initiative serves as a tangible manifestation of the company's unwavering commitment to ‘Living in Harmony with Nature’, creating a positive impact on society and nurturing a profound sense of responsibility among its employees. Through the active engagement of impassioned employees and community members, TKM aims to cultivate a deep-rooted spirit of community development, while fortifying the bond that unites the Toyota family.

Commenting on this occasion, Mr. H. A. Iqbal Hussain, Member of Legislative Assembly, Government of Karnataka, stated "In an era of rapid urbanisation, where we take a lot of pride in developmental activities, the onus of parallelly developing green covers across geographies lay not only with an individual or the Government, but also with responsible corporates like Toyota Kirloskar Motor. I am happy to be a part of such an initiative by TKM, where the employees have come together as a family, and contribute to the core principles of sustainability by Toyota for the larger good of the community.

Over the years, TKM has been an important enabler for the region, whether it is for creation of employment opportunities, skill development, community support initiatives or sustainability practices. And I am confident going forward, this will continue to grow stronger. I congratulate the members of the iCARE team and wish them many such successful activities.”   

Taking part in the iCARE eco initiative, Mr. Vikram Gulati, Country Head and Executive Vice President of Toyota Kirloskar Motor, “At TKM, we are deeply committed to sustainability and environmental preservation. The tree plantation drive at Madapura in Ramanagara district, exemplifies our dedication to making a positive impact on society and fostering a sense of responsibility, amongst our employees, towards our mother nature. Through iCARE initiative, we aim to strengthen the bond among our Toyota family members, while actively contributing to the conservation of nature.

We believe that by restoring and enhancing the green cover, we are playing a role in building a carbon neutral society. We look forward to further transformative initiatives that align with our CSR vision."

By contributing to the conservation of these invaluable ecosystems and augmenting the lush green cover, TKM ardently endeavours to assume a pivotal role in ushering forth a sustainable and ecologically enriched future. TKM has also undertaken ‘Green Wave Project’ promoting mass plantation activities inside and outside the company by consistently expanding the afforestation efforts by adopting ‘Miyawaki concept’, involving all its stakeholders. To elaborate, the Miyawaki method of plantation is to establish the potential natural vegetation utilizing native species and in India, TKM was the first corporate to adopt this Miyawaki Concept way back in 2009. Over the years, TKM has planted more than 3,28,000 saplings across 112 acres of land inside the premises with 700 different floral diversity, contributing to a cumulative reduction of 4,700 tons of carbon and attracting the faunal diversity of more than 264 species.

'iCARE,' TKM's employee-driven initiative, embodies the company's commitment to sustainable community development. TKM firmly believes in the alignment of employees with its core values and principles, enabling them to make significant contributions to the nation and society. Since its inception in 2017, ICARE has witnessed remarkable growth, yielding a profound impact on society, and positively transforming the lives of over 63,150 individuals. Presently, more than 1,760 employees have actively taken part in various initiatives drive under TKM's flagship ICARE program. Thus far, the relentless pursuit of TKM has enabled successful implementation of 26 ICARE activities, encompassing domains such as Education, Environment, Road Safety, Skill Development, Disaster Management, and support for special children. These endeavours have not only created a profound societal transformation but have also provided enriching experiences to employees on every occasion.

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