Thursday, June 29, 2023

PM Narendra Modi’s US State Visit Creates Unmatched Opportunities For India’s Techade: IAMAI

The Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI) expresses its heartfelt gratitude to honourable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi for enabling tech collaborations which will create unmatched opportunities for the advancement of India’s Techade and avenues for cooperation, partnerships, and investments.

Under the leadership of the Hon’ble Prime Minister, India’s tech sector has seen significant growth thereby unlocking investment opportunities, proliferating start-ups and job creation.  The proliferation of start-ups and job creation is a crucial aspect of the technology sector's growth and development. Start-ups play a significant role in driving innovation, fostering entrepreneurship, and creating employment opportunities. India has emerged as a global leader in the creation of digital public goods, which will unlock the potential and drive the creation of an inclusive digital economy.

The Hon’ble Prime Minister had announced in 2021 that this decade would be “India’s Techade”, and in alignment with this commitment, the public and private partnerships orchestrated during the state visit are both historic and tectonic, giving an unmatched fillip to India’s tech progress. 

This visit unlocked opportunities across sectors including defence, space, semiconductors, artificial intelligence, quantum computing, telecommunications, and consular services. These will play a critical role to realise India’s vision of a 1 trillion dollar digital economy.

Welcoming the announcements made by both Hon’ble PM and the Hon’ble US President,  Harsh Jain, Chairman of IAMAI said, “Fostering an open, accessible, safe and secure technology ecosystem will enhance the capability of the entire technology ecosystem of India. It is not only a historic moment for India in terms of attracting huge investments in technology, but also an opportunity to create      Indian IP in the areas of emerging technologies which will transform the entire ecosystem . IAMAI members will certainly benefit from greater technology sharing, co-development, and co-production opportunities between industry, government, and academic institutions across India and the United States.”

About Internet and Mobile Association of India

Established in 2004, the Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI) is a not-for-profit industry body and the country's only organization representing the digital services industry with over 500 Indian and multinational corporations as its members, which include established companies in diverse sectors of the digital ecosystem as well as start-ups. Its mandate is to expand and enhance the online and mobile value-added services sectors. It is dedicated to presenting a unified voice of the businesses it represents to the government, investors, consumers, and other stakeholders. IAMAI represents varied sectors such as digital advertising, digital entertainment, traveltech, online gaming, digital payments, fintech, digital commerce, edtech, healthtech, agritech, big data, ML, AI & IoT, AR/ VR, logistics-tech and so on.

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