Tuesday, June 27, 2023

Deliveroo’s India Development Centre Forms 'Women In Tech' Team To Promote Inclusivity In Technical Fields’

The Hyderabad-based Deliveroo India Development Centre announces the introduction of 'India Women in Tech' Group as a component of Deliveroo’s global Women in Tech Employee Resource Group (ERG) dedicated to enhancing gender diversity and empowering women in technical positions.

The primary objective of the Women in Tech ERG is to provide assistance and facilitate the progress and advancement of women occupying technical positions. This initiative strives to create broader prospects for women in technical roles within Deliveroo while fostering an inclusive and supportive work environment.

“Our mission is to improve gender diversity in technical roles not only within Deliveroo but also beyond our organization, while simultaneously supporting our women employees through mentoring and other means to aid their career advancement.” said Shubhi Shrivastava, Program Leader at IDC. “We believe that by empowering women in tech and providing them with a strong support system, we can drive positive change and create a more inclusive and diverse tech industry.” 

The ‘India Women in Tech’ team consists of a group of enthusiastic and passionate women based at the India Development Centre (IDC). Currently comprising 26 members, the team aims to be proportionally represented in various spheres and make significant contributions to Deliveroo’s global Women in Tech ERG. 

In 2023, the 'Women in Tech' team in India aims to enhance gender diversity and engagement by increasing the hiring of women in technical roles. They will leverage Deliveroo's global engagement programs and ERG initiatives to provide valuable opportunities for Indian team members. The team will strategically plan global events, networking activities, mentorship programmes, and invite distinguished women speakers to share their experiences of career-family balance, overcoming gender bias, and engaging in technical discussions. These initiatives will empower team members for professional growth and advancement.

Commenting on the launch, Sashi Somavarapu, Vice President of Engineering and Country Head, Deliveroo India said: “We are thrilled to launch the ‘India Women in Tech’ team as part of our global Women in Tech ERG. At Deliveroo, we are committed to fostering an inclusive work environment that celebrates diversity and empowers women. We recognise and embrace the positives that women bring to the table and through this initiative, we aim to bridge the gender gap in technical roles and contribute to a more inclusive and diverse tech ecosystem.” 

About Deliveroo: 

Deliveroo is an award-winning delivery service founded in 2013 by William Shu and Greg Orlowski. Deliveroo works with approximately 176,000 best-loved restaurants and grocery partners, as well as around 150,000 riders to provide the best food delivery experience in the world. Deliveroo is headquartered in London, with offices around the globe. Deliveroo operates across 10 markets, including Belgium, France, Hong Kong, Italy, Ireland, Qatar, Singapore, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait and the United Kingdom. 

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