Wednesday, June 28, 2023

GotChosen Has Announced The Launch of “GotChosen Lite”, A Lighter And Faster Version of Its Short-Form Video Platform

* Social Media Platform ‘GotChosen’ launches Lite version 

* Developed exclusively for the Indian market 

* GotChosen Lite is one of the lightest in the category at under 30 MB 

GotChosen, the social media platform that prioritises monetization for influencers announced the launch of “GotChosen Lite”, a lighter and faster version of its short-form video platform. The application was created for the Indian market, with the aim to optimise it for a wide range of users and focus on low-end mobile devices that don’t have a very fast processor, storage, or memory.  

At under 30 MB download size, GotChosen Lite is now available to download for any smartphone, including low-end mobile devices. Users can view and upload short-form videos on the app, as well as engage, create, and monetize their content. Prior to the launch of GotChosen Lite, the standard or main version of GotChosen app was being offered to a limit audience on Google Play for mobile devices with over 3 MB memory ram. 

With a reduced size of download and storage, GotChosen Lite also consumes significantly less resources from the device, without compromising on the experience of the user. While offering a similar user experience to the standard GotChosen app, the Lite version does not offer the full suite of features of content creation. However, content creators can easily create and post videos from the gallery of their mobile devices and also use the app camera with basic features. 

Commenting on the light version, Oz Silva, Founder and CEO, GotChosen said. “We developed GotChosen Lite with the aim to ensure that the size of our application does not become a deterrent for creators and users. We wanted a user-friendly app, which requires minimum resources, and allows them to create and consume content, as well as monetize it.” 

“We are committed to providing the best experience for the users, while not forgetting the core of our operations – monetization. We are focussed towards adding value to the creator space in India, while making sure we are transparent with our audience in all aspects”, he further added. 

GotChosen Lite is available for all the android users and can be downloaded through Google Play Store. The standard version of GotChosen is available on Google Play Store and iOS.  

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