Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Genesys International, India’s Leading 3D Mapping Company Receives An Investment of Rs. 250 Cr Equity Led By Malabar India Fund

Genesys International Corporation, a leader in 3D Mapping content and geospatial solutions announced a Rs. 250 Cr. round of equity investment, which is intended to accelerate the company's 3D Digital Twin Content Program. The content platform which was launched by NITI AAYOG is creating the most state of art mapping content for India thanks to the landmark new geospatial policy. The well-received investment round was led by Malabar India Fund with participation from other marquee investors. The proposal was approved at the meeting of the Board of Directors held today. 

Genesys was the first company in India to launch the street imagery immersive content for all major Indian cities along with an all-India vector map. The Genesys constellation is now India’s largest sensor constellation capable of acquiring terrestrial, oblique and aerial imagery at high speeds and accuracy 

It recently filed for two patents for the 3D mapping environment. The company plans to strengthen its Content As A Service platform creating a business model offering multi vertical applications catering to the emerging needs of India’s digital infrastructure ecosystem The company plans to target its offering to Utilities, Smart Cities, Big-Tech and Digital and E-Commerce sectors. 

Speaking about the investment, Mr. Sajid Malik Chairman and MD of the company said that “This investment will be a key catalyst post the new Indian geospatial policy which has given a major fillip to our capabilities. We believe we will help leapfrog India’s map ecosystem.” 

Speaking about the investment, Mr Sumeet Nagar, Malabar's Managing Partner, said “We are excited about Genesys' mapping content and integration capabilities and the opportunities that the Indian digital infrastructure will provide in the years to come. A high-definition map platform will be an integral part of Digital India and we are delighted to partner with Genesys on their journey to deliver it.”

Mathew Cyriac, ex-Blackstone MD and also an existing investor said “Genesys has a unique differentiated approach which meets the needs of India‘s economic development.

About Genesys:

Genesys International Corporation Ltd is a pioneer in advanced mapping, survey, and geospatial services. Headquartered in Mumbai, India. With a team of 2000+ professionals it has worked on several complex advanced mapping content and counts as its clients leading big tech, digital companies, utilities, and governments 

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