Monday, June 13, 2022

Students of Presidency University Bangalore School of Engineering Present Innovative Projects Using Drone Technology

In a 2-day ‘Innovative Project’ EXPO that concluded today, students of Presidency University Bangalore School of Engineering presented over 500 innovative projects across various disciplines, the most significant ones using drone technology for defense applications, Intelligent Transport systems and smart city projects. 

A total of 2800 students in groups of 6 each participated to present these 500 projects on latest technology solutions relevant to the society like health care, automation, agriculture, safety technologies and many more. 

The Chancellor of Presidency University, Dr. Nissar Ahmed presided over the 2 -day Expo and congratulated all the students.

“The ‘Innovative Projects’ concept of our university provides an excellent opportunity for fresh undergraduate students to build their innovative ideas using Arduino and Raspberry-pi. Innovative projects are also an excellent platform for the students to interact with students from other departments to enhance their research abilities and encourage interdisciplinary projects,” explains Dr. D. Subhakar, Vice Chancellor, Presidency University.

This concept allowed the students of various branches like Computer science, Electronics & Communication, Mechanical, Electrical and Electronics, Civil and Petroleum to make their own choice of group members and a faculty mentor. Utilizing intensive laboratory facilities, curriculum training and materials, students successfully completed their respective project work. This Strategical plan ensures that the students gain the ability to solve real time technology relevant problems and hence make each student industry ready.

“It was interesting to see enthusiastic students work on such relevant projects which are the need of the hour to solve societal issues,” said Dr U Chandrasekhar, Program Director at Wipro 3D who was the Chief Guest on the occasion.

“It is a unique opportunity provided by our university and we are the first to issue Embedded boards to each project team with huge investment in setting up the multiple Innovation Lab units. This will assist students to come up with their own new project ideas and build them using Embedded boards which will increase the knowledge base of future engineers so they interact with industry-standard technology before they graduate,” adds Dr Divya Rani, Innovation Project Coordinator at Presidency University.

A few noteworthy projects by the students were:

* Drone technology for military applications 

* Intelligent Transport systems 

* Women and children safety devices 

* Smart Irrigation systems 

* Smart city projects like automatic car parking systems, health care, surveillance, road safety etc.

The first three Prizes were given to the students for the projects titled  

Automated Hydroponics System

Solar Based Mobile charger using coin Insertion

 Live in an Automated House

Overall, this initiation of Presidency university has played a vital role in nurturing the students to find solutions to many societal and industry relevant issues.

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