Wednesday, May 11, 2022 Aims To Disrupt Shoe Stores Globally With 2.5D Foot Scanner, First-Of-Its-Kind For AI Assisted Footwear Sizes, a global leader in digital shoe sizing & fitting, has announced the launch of a 2.5D foot scanner for shoe stores. The company is also launching its SizeID along with the scanners to help customers find the right fit with ease and stores will get AI assisted footwear recommendations for the customer through this platform. Built for every footwear store, Findmeashoe’s foot scanner does not require any capital investment. It is affordable, accurate & easy to use.

SizeID will contain effective sizes for the customer, additional information about their foot, and the right footwear type. Stores will have access to this information through a dedicated CRM that can be used for after sales services like periodic follow-up and updating the customer on relevant new styles. For Kids stores, this technology is very handy as Children’s feet could grow 1 size up in every 6-9 months. This will help to inform the parents about the correct time to replace the shoe.

Buying footwear that fits perfectly is not easy. Standard size scales (UK, US, EU) used by the industry players are 200+ years old. These scales use only the foot length whereas there are 4-6 other measurements of the foot that could impact the footwear fit. Key aspects such as the footwear volume including height, width and length determines whether the footwear is running true to size or not. The manufacturers do not have a scientific method to measure the shape and volume to determine the size. This is the reason the fit for the same size varies from brand to brand.

Key features of the 2.5D foot scanner:

* Measures 8 different foot information (dimensions, shapes, angles)

* Matches accuracy of a $25,000 laser scanner (1-2mm)

* Easy to use, train & deploy at stores

* No capital investment required (works on mobile, tablets)

* Pay as you go subscription model

Speaking about this unique innovation, Anand Ganesan, CEO, Findmeashoe, said, “Shoe stores still use metal scales that are 100 years old. Retailers across the globe are trying to enhance and personalise the customer experience at stores. And there is nothing more personal than fit for footwear shoppers.”

“And fit is more than just the foot length. Almost 50% of the Indian population have wider feet. Many of us wear open footwear thanks to our warm weather. All these impact how our feet shape up & build volume. We need an intelligent scale that can understand how wide the foot is, what kind of toe box the foot has, how tall & big the feet are to recommend the right style and right size for the customer”, he added.

Shabari Raje, Chief Product Officer, Findmeashoe, said “Our scanner is built for every footwear store - in India or in the high street of London. These days, the smart phones & store mobile devices all have the capability to replicate a scanner and offer right fit. Our solution works on mobile browsers. Stores have a choice to either use customers’ phones or the store device to scan the foot. “ 

Highlighting the functionality of the scanner along with the SizeID, she added, “the scale is not a mere digital form for the metal shoe scale seen in the store. Our app is intelligent. It fills in the gap of lost information in the size scale. Once the foot is scanned, our app not only gives what the foot size is in different scales but also provides what is called the effective foot size. For example, if the customer has wider feet or squarish toe box, the foot size is adjusted up so that they can comfortably fit in the size recommended. Literally, we are re-defining size scales with our effective size field in our app. Every customer gets a Size ID that he/she can use for future shopping''.

Findmeashoe Foot Scanners come in 2 formats - DIY Foot Scale and Store Foot Scanner. DIY Foot scale can be used by the customer with his/her mobile phone using the QR code printed on the scale. It needs no upfront investment.  It’s designed for smaller format stores to save space. On the other hand, Store Foot Scanner can be used as a focal point for customer experience at larger stores. It looks like mini-kiosk where customers can scan their feet using the store device (Android or iOS tablets). Both scanners will be available for sale from 15th May 2022. Retailers can pre-book their scanners with a quarterly or annual subscription fee.

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