Friday, May 13, 2022

Experience “Made In India” AR/VR Glasses By AjnaLens At The India’s Mega Metaverse Summit 2022

* AjnaLens showcasing the exclusive AR Glasses at Namastey NFT Event, available for experience for 2 days

Contributing to India’s journey of metaverse adoption, AjnaLens, Mumbai-based XR hardware and software company has partnered with Namastey NFT for their India’s Mega Metaverse Summit 2022 as their AR/VR glasses partner. AjnaLens will be demonstrating a LIVE 3D Paint Experience in VR, and exclusive AR experiences at the 2 days event. 

AjnaLens’ VR Glasses are one of the most light-weight glasses (172 Gms) and will be available for experience at the event on 14-15 May 2022, in Bangalore.

If you are in Bangalore, and would like to experience, please meet the AjnaLens team at the experience zone, and we would be happy to facilitate you with an exclusive experience.

About AjnaLens

Named after ‘Ajna’, the sixth chakra or the third eye which activates ‘intuitive vision’, AjnaLens is a Mumbai-based company making immersive augmented, virtual and mixed reality devices and software solutions for Defence, Enterprise and Skilling sectors. It is the first and only XR hardware OEM to manufacture AR/VR glasses in India. 

The impact-driven startup is on a mission to unlock human potential by empowering them with augmented intelligence. In November 2014 at IIT Bombay, AjnaLens was established with a purpose to foster inclusive development in society by empowering people at the grassroots with the right tool for this decade - a ‘holographic computer’. It empowers and enables humans into perceiving and doing what is beyond their capabilities by seamlessly connecting the digital world with reality. 

AjnaLens is currently helping India’s government and fortune 500 companies in their digital transformation journey by providing end-to-end solutions such as Enterprise Metaverse, VR training simulators, AR-based remote assistance, Digital twin as well as providing indigenous defence solutions like see-through armour to Indian Defence forces.

AjnaLens has filed 15+ National and International patents in augmented reality and allied fields. The company has won accolades like the Most promising startup by ECLINA Defennovation for cutting-edge innovations. AjnaLens is a growing family of 50 people, inviting bright minds to join their vision.

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