Friday, May 20, 2022

ATEN’s Remote Control & Monitoring Management Software- RCMMS

* An outstanding management software solution for high-tech production lines requiring durable and reliable over-IP server management.

The ATEN RCMMS is a Windows-based management software that provides convenient single-point access, monitor, and customize control to multiple RCM devices within a network. By consolidating all types of RCM devices, such as KVM over IP extenders (e.g. RCMDVI00AT and single-port (e.g. RCMVGA101) and multi-port KVM over IP switches (e.g. RCM416) RCMMS fulfills the administrators’ need of centralized management of IT infrastructures in production lines even across isolated, secured environments.

Featuring Panel Array and WinClient viewer, RCMMS allows operators to easily monitor up to 25 device ports simultaneously in a single 5 x 5 view and provides instantaneous remote access to any specific PC / workstation as needed. Additionally, its Panel Array Grouping and single sign-on functions allow the consolidated management of all ATEN RCM devices for easy and convenient operation.

The RCMMS implements visualized flow charts which allow users to set advanced RPA (robotic process automation) scripts that can be executed according to a specified schedule with ease. It also provides flexible image settings suited for a variety of applications, as well as the popping up and enlarging viewer access onto a dedicated screen by double-click during monitoring, empowering operators to promptly deal with any urgent cases encountered.

With the help of RCMMS, operators in varying industries can immediately respond to and fix any issues and problems arose at a production line efficiently, putting them in complete control.

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