Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Within 4 Days of Going Live On Tyke, Alpino Foods Gets Oversubscribed By 200%

* Acclaimed as a startup with phenomenal potential on Shark Tank India, Alpino Foods has been oversubscribed by 200% on Tyke, after going live on 10th May

* On the very first day of going live on Tyke, Alpino Foods registered a funding over 100%, manifesting a wave of popularity amongst retail investors

* The company anticipates a burgeoning increase in the buzz in the coming days

Hailed for their phenomenal potential on India’s popular business reality show, Shark Tank India, Alpino Foods has set the cash counters ringing on Tyke. The company went live on the Tyke’s resourceful portal for investment on May 10th, 2022 and received a rapturous response, being oversubscribed by nearly 200% by May 13th, 2022. The company representing the health food category has created a rush on Tyke as retail investors hustled to the private investment platform to get a piece of the pie; this was manifested by its debut day allure when it received nearly 100% funding. The company envisages an enormous amount of investor love on Tyke till the campaign lasts.

Tyke’s vision is to become a private investment gateway for startups, angel networks and other institutions. The company orchestrates raising capital as a very friction-free and straightforward exercise by eliminating all the deterrents prevalent in raising capital. Currently, the firm is concentrating on automating private capital investments. Its platform enables entrepreneurs to start a round, define terms, and invite investors to participate. It then uses its own software to handle the necessary paperwork, KYC and signatures, as well as power the fund transfer in perfect sync.

Articulating about the sweeping response from the investors on the platform, Karan Mehra, CEO of Tyke, said, “Stitching communities that back your startup is of paramount importance for reaching the next level and ultimately getting to the echelon of the business world. At Tyke, we always aimed at building an overarching platform for private investment, and currently it has come to fruition. We are extremely excited that pioneering companies such as Alpino Foods are raising funds on our platform and fabricating a community for further corporate endeavours and growth.”

This is not the first time that a Shark Tank renowned brand has been listed on Tyke. TagZ Foods, a snack brand, accredited by the "sharks" on Shark Tank’s esteemed stage, went live on Tyke’s enterprising platform in February and got oversubscribed by an awe-inspiring figure of 752%. Tagz turned profitable this Financial Year, after building a strong community on Tyke. While this is a great news for the Brand, the investors who invested in Tagz on Tyke have also seen their wealth multiply, in a short period of time.

Speaking about the overpowering shower of love from the investors on Tyke, Chetan Kanani Co-founder & CEO at Alpino said, “we are having multiple Investment offers on hand and we are going to close our seed round very soon but before that we wanted to give a chance to our customer to be a part of us in our Journey has they have been the contributor of our success.”

Beholden by the love of the investors, Anish Basu Roy, CEO and Co-Founder of TagZ Foods, said, “While we are still such a small outfit, TagZ Foods, while we are flawed and make mistakes everyday, while we are learning every day about our consumers' needs, to receive so much consumer love is overwhelming! We got oversubscribed on Tyke by a staggering number of 752%! Thousands of consumers have given us a vote of confidence by investing in TagZ Foods. That is precisely the kind of motivation we need to keep building, keep hustling, keep innovating! With thousands of these consumers as our partners, as our evangelists, we are now unstoppable!”

About Tyke-

Tyke is a private investment gateway that enables private capital transactions to happen online in a seamless manner. Tyke’s mission is to make private investment quick and accessible through its digital platform. Tyke eliminates all friction points in the capital raising process, making it friction-free and simple. The company focuses on automating private equity capital investment transactions. Its program allows creators to put up a round, define parameters, and invite investors to join. It then handles the necessary documentation and signatures before powering the money transfer instantaneously using its unique software. The company leverages the virtues of Fintech to provide angel networks, as well as founders and venture capitalists who’re looking to digitize their transactions and deal management. The exclusively digital gateway for private investment also democratizes the whole process by enabling users to start investing with as little as INR 5000.

About Alpino-

Alpino is a vision of 6 classmate friends started in 2016, who wants to do something really big and revolutionise the healthy foods segment of India with the help of peanuts.

Alpino is a pioneer brand in the peanut butter category and is expanding its portfolio to provide a wider range of Products made around the Peanuts. The Idea is Data driven and backed by solid market research. Protein deficiency in India is more than 80% and peanut is the best source of vegan protein and at the same time most affordable. People are also adopting to active & healthy lifestyle now.

Today, even after being a bootstrapped company, Alpino have achieved TTM of 23 Cr and with EBITA of around 1cr. Alpino have achieved various Milestone in their way till now like presence in over 3000 nutrition store across the nation, present in all major E-com platforms like Amozon, flipkart, groffers, swiggy, instamart, etc.

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