Thursday, October 7, 2021

The Great Social Media Blackout Of The Year 2021

As we all know that we have passed the great Social Media Blackout of 2021, hence, Mr. Nanjunda Prasad Ramesh, CEO, Multi-Verse Technologies feels that “The Facebook suite collapsed like a house of cards on Monday which led to the Great Social Media Blackout of 2021 for 6 hours. One thing to keep in mind is that such things do happen in the tech world and it cannot be avoided. However, the impact could have been minimized or eliminated to a large extent. Facebook ran three different apps from one centralized infrastructure. To top it all, it was a single point of failure for users worldwide. If things go wrong, users across the world are impacted. This outage demonstrates the risks of the whole Internet being dependent on one company and this could have been minimized. Within few hours of the incident, a Twitter user posted a question: “If WhatsApp isn’t back by tomorrow, is it a holiday?” We don’t want this situation to arise again. A possible solution to this is to segregate infrastructure by country/region so that the impact in case of failure is minimized/localized. It also helps respect the local data laws of that particular country/region. From a user’s perspective, we need to have alternatives available. It is not good for the entire world to be dependent on apps from one single company. Especially when communication, business transactions are dependent on them.”

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