Thursday, September 30, 2021

SparkleBox.School-Finds Its New Admirer For Preschool In Ziva Dhoni

* Mom Sakshi Dhoni recommends this learning programme for all kids under 6 Years

SparkleBox.School has redefined the concept of preschool  learning at home in India and has everyone talking about since its launch of innovative activity  based learning programme for kids aged between 2-6 years.The unique combination of skill  development, concept building & creativity in a preschool at home is crucial for the growth years  of a child. 

Recently, Sakshi Dhoni, wife of former Indian cricketer MS Dhoni, has been added to the long list of SparkleBox.School’s proud patrons. As a proud mommy of Ziva, Sakshi Dhoni believes in keeping her occupied with activities that are educational as well as interesting and therefore she chose Sparklebox.School. In a video released by Sakshi Dhoni and Sparklebox.School on their social media handles, the mother-daughter duo were seen having fun exploring the kit and trying out various learning activities. Sakshi Dhoni complimented Sparklebox.School for designing such a unique programme that helps to promote children's cognitive development while keeping them engaged in fun activities.

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SparkleBox.School, is a one-stop solution for the students from pre-primary to K2 (UKG) and covers subjects such as Literacy, Numeracy, Environmental Science, Art & Crafts, and Dance.  Every item in the kits such as Workbooks, Picture books, flashcards, Activity Packets, etc. is designed by a panel of expert educators and approved by certified child care professionals. 

Sajeed Munshi, Business Head at SparkleBox.Schoolsaid, “We at SparkleBox.Schoolbelieve that Home is the first school of a child. An effective preschool at home shapes the raw &young minds for the better. Our preschool curriculum is mindfully chalked out Learning Program tailor-made for pre-primary students. Our activity-based learning programme encourages early foundational learning with minimal screen time”. “We are glad that our efforts are appreciated  by all our patrons and especially we are grateful to Mrs. Dhoni for showing her interest in our programme and endorsing it." he added.

About SparkleBox.School

SparklebBox.School started its journey in mid-2020 during the Covid-19 outbreak and its subsequent lockdown.The program is aimed at making home-schooling fun as well as  educational. The pre-primary to K2 curriculum helps in cognitive growth among the children while keeping them engaged in fun activities. It is a comprehensive pre-primary learning programme created for providing highly effective hands-on learning experience for children.  SparkleBox.School is designed for pre-schooling of children by providing everything a child needs at the convenience of their home. For more information visit -

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