Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Five Educational Technology Toys For Young And Aspiring Engineers

Robotics and coding are becoming a pivotal part of our day to day life and changing the way we go about our tasks. This makes it imperative for aspiring engineers to start out young and build on their abilities from the very beginning. With the smallest things in our surroundings, children can pick up skills that will later help them turn into technology experts. A recent survey by Avishkaar among 5000 parents shows that 53% use the hands-on learning approach with DIY kits to keep up interest levels in STEM and next-gen tech concepts.

Keeping this in mind, we have curated a list of five educational DIY kits from Avishkaar to inculcate next-gen tech skills in young and aspiring engineers. 

Robotics Starter Kit  - Appropriate for kids aged 6 and older, this kit is perfect for any kid who likes to play with blocks or mechanix sets - it will help them upgrade from basic craft skills to a more advanced and future oriented field of robotics. The curriculum for the kit has been especially designed keeping in mind the skill levels and attention spans of children as little as eight years old, making it easy for children to dive straight into making robots with this kit.

Coder Starter Kit- The coder starter kit can be used to make 5 smart gadgets from scratch. It also comes with a mobile application on the play store that can be downloaded and the projects can be connected and controlled with bluetooth.The kit includes over 15 components that can be used to make 5 smart gadgets that can be used in real life. Equipped with tangible everyday objects such as a smart watch, a portable TV, an arcade game console, and a study lamp, this is the perfect way to start your child’s journey towards robotics.

MakerBoard- Avishkaar’s Maker Board is an easy to use electronic platform through which children can create fun, intuitive and innovative projects. It consists of an LED 5X5 Matrix, an on-board buzzer, push buttons, reset switch, bluetooth and GPIO pins. The Maker Board will be suitable for students from 8 to 15-yr-olds. This kit will enable you to explore the Maker residing within you.

IoT Starter Kit-  The IOT Starter kit comes with 40+ Parts including programmable maker board, USB cable, jumper cables, crocodile connector, breadboard, resistors, battery, leds, servo motors and many sensors (ir, rain, smoke & light). It is ideal for children from the age of 10 Years and above. A multicolour kit, it can make over 100 projects and help children learn coding, electronics, IoT, sensor interfacing and app development from scratch.

Robotics Pro Kit (ER-Series)-This kit aims to build future innovators and it is ideal for 12 year olds who have never done any coding or robotics before. If robots like Iron Man and Transformers excite your kids and they’d love to make such machines for themselves - then this kit is perfect to fulfill your child’s dream. They don’t need to wander around gathering individual components, this is an all-inclusive kit to help your kids design exciting projects. Kids as young as eight years old can start making robots using metal parts, motors and sensors included in this kit and learn advanced robotics, mechanical design and coding.

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